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Friday, January 22, 2010

Schedule of a Primary 2 child

My girl is 7 going on 8 this year while my boy is 5 going on 6 this year. They are in Primary 2 and Kindergarten 2 respectively. The girl is in a Chinese Primary School while the boy is in a regular English medium kindy with some Chinese being taught.

This is the same kindy my girl used to attend. I chose this kindergarten previously because it did not have that much homework. However, I noticed that this year they have a lot more homework. I think they are probably under pressure to give more homework. So my boy who is in the 6 year old class has a lot more homework now compared to his sister then.

This year the kids have little chance to nap in the afternoons like they used to. Their daily schedule is something like this:

6am Wake up (The boy can wake up at 7.30-8)
6.45am Go to school
7.45 - 1/1.30 pm School Hours
2-3pm Lunch and Bath
3-6pm Homework and Pack school bag for the next day
6-7pm Rest in bed and chit chat about school day
7pm Dinner
8-9pm Piano or More School Work or Play
9pm Get ready for bed, storytime then zzzzz

The schedule is very tight indeed. The only extra curricular activity they have is piano. I don't ask them to practise everyday like the music teacher asks to. It depends on their schedule. I wonder how others who have swimming, dance, tuition, music etc do it. It baffles me. As it is, we are always rushing.


  1. that is why i refuse to add anymore activities to their schedule unless they request for it. right now, they also have piano lessons only but sons requested for art class recently, so, might concede.

    other than that, NO NEED WAN LEH....as long as they happy, OK liao lor.

    and the homework for chinese school is crazy too. i dono how some parents deal with that

  2. Yah yah, I agree. NO NEED WAN LEH.

  3. hi, i'm ur silent reader. Yes, we want the best for the kids and we would like to send them to all sorts of classes, at the end of the day, parents yg penat! so we are just like you, the only extra class is piano

  4. my primary 2 girl wan tuition class (in her school wan), so i let her try this month. it is really really rush, she no complaint tire, i already feel tire for her...stay in school till 4.30pm from Tue to Fri. Crazy hor...hub forced me stop all these nonsense activity within this week but his girl still wan to go...*sigh* But by Feb, i will stop it....my house don need any genius lar!LOL

  5. Anon,
    Only piano pun sudah pening kepala!

    Wuah, she can really tahan. Where does she find the time to complete her homework?

  6. my girl's extra is saturday activities in school apart from tuition on mon and wed. what to do .. we don't know chinese. had to let her take tuition. she's fine with this tho .. at the moment that is .. :)


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