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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Standard Two and K2

This year my children enter Standard 2 and Kindy 2 respectively.

The girl has been good. During the school holidays, she asked me to help her practise changing in and out of her school uniform and gym clothes. "I must try to do it faster", she says. She is afraid that she will be scolded by the teacher if she changes in and out of those clothes too slowly during gym days.

So I put the timer on and helped her to practise on some days. A little fear is sometimes a good motivator. We set the timer, for 5 minutes, then 3 then 2 as suggested by her. I am glad that she took this iniative by herself. She is growing up really fast.

During the first day of school, she was happy. "I have a kind teacher", she says. She was afraid that she'd get a really fierce new class teacher. I spoke to the teacher myself and I think she may be right. The teacher looks very prim and proper but she is soft spoken and quite nice... so far.

When packing her bags with her new time table, she said "Let me do it myself. I am a big girl now. I am in Std 2 now." She said the same thing during mealtimes as well.

It was also easy to get the kids to bed early (after a drastic change during the school holidays) and up early. They also got ready on their own without fuss or complain. Since they were apprehensive but excited about the first day of school, they were very good. Hopefully, this continues longer than 1 week. Haha.

As for the boy, well, he can't wait to go back to kindy to see all his friends and teachers. He is very happy to be back in school.

As for me, I am happy to have some time to myself in the mornings again, even though I enjoyed their company for 6 whole weeks.


  1. So good girl!!!

    And now I know the answer to my comment in your Mumsgather! Good that the kids are being so cooperative. Comes from good parenting I am sure!

  2. Ann,
    I am so glad that they are being cooperative.. so far.... Hehe.

  3. such a good girl and all grown up.
    my girl too was ok on the 1st day in P1. :)


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