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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hers and Hers

I love those mummy daughter matching or look alike outfits but so far I have not come across any nice ones. The only set we have are these matching t-shirts.

We received these t-shirts free from buying baby stuff before she arrived. It seemed like a silly free gift then because the t-shirt was much too big for a newborn. I had to keep it for some time before she could fit into them.

The words on mummy's t-shirt says "I love being a mother. Soon the baby will love the same things that mummy loves and be one happy family." The words on the smaller t-shirt simply says "I love my mummy. She is the greatest."

I remember we used to lift the bears from our t-shirts and make the bears kiss each other. She loved that so much. She has outgrown the t-shirt now but she still remembers the bear kiss. :)


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