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Friday, January 15, 2010

His and Hers

I don't know at which age children are supposed to be weaned off their bottles and sippy cups but here is our story.

My kids never took to a bottle right from the start. They are both breastfed and when offered the bottle, the both spat it out. They both hated the bottle much to my dismay. I was their mobile 2-in-1 pacifier and dispenser.

As soon as they were able to take sippy cups, I quickly introduced them to it. They both enjoyed that. I did too because it meant no spills! We got the Avent bottle and attached the sippy tops on it or whatever you call it.

Some time ago, we decided to end their love affair with the sippy cup, so we went to buy them their own mugs with covers on it. They both love it immediately. Bye Bye Sippy Cups. Hello Spills! It's harder work for mummy but they do not seem to miss their sippy cups in the least bit.

Now they drink all their hot beverages in their own mugs sitting at the table and not walking around watching tv, playing or on the sofa. It is much more disciplined but then mummy has to be disciplined too. They take cold beverages from those coloured plastic cups that we bought from Ikea. I forgot to take a picture of those but I think you probably know what I am talking about.

Will you share your story too?


  1. Well done to the kids n not forgetting Mummy tooo...

  2. ye amy kids use those coloured cups too but my boy is still on the bottle when it comes to milk. sigh hard to wean him off. maybe i'll just throw away all his bottles. then he'll haf no choice but to take the cup .. hahaha but then its so mean isn't it.

  3. me too, i have cups for each of them for any kind of beverages incl their milk or milo and water. i am using glass now instead coz its better for warm or hot beverages instead of plastic cups

  4. channelwong,
    I think its about time. :)

    Haha. Sometimes we have to be mean to be kind.

    Yah, plastic is no good.


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