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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

His and His

I absolutely loved this mini boxer shorts when we spotted it at the departmental store. We got a couple for the boy and he likes it very much. It's cool. It's comfortable. Most importantly, it looks like the one daddy has!

When they both put it on at home, they look really adorable, well to the wife and mummy, they look adorable. Her big man and her little man. They'd both wear it with those holiday style white t-shirts with "Penang" printed on it. They both spot the same hairstyle. We call it "Pokey hair". Once a month daddy and the boy would go off to the salon to get their "Pokey hair" done up.

I am happy to note that the boy now bonds with his daddy a lot more than previously. Previously he used to reject daddy and run to me most of the time. We took note of that. Daddy spent more time teaching him etc and now, they've bonded. Now, he runs to daddy too with "Daddy.... daddy....!" especially when it comes to "gai gai" time. He forgets all about mummy then. :)


  1. Hahaha, it IS adorable! So, the epoxy glue has finally turned into normal glue, not as sticky as last time, eh?

    About the bread maker review, I'll try to do it but not sure if I have enough time. You may also drop me an email if you wanna know more about it.

  2. Jo-N,
    I'm just interested to read but I no money to buy lah. Hehe.

  3. Jo-N,
    You remembered about the glue. lol. Yah, its been "downgraded" to normal glue now but still a glue. :)

  4. so cute daddy and son. so sweet when they bond together.


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