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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Best Friends Forever

BFF is an acronym for Best Friends Forever. Well, my girl has found a best friend, a girl who sits beside her. Since my girl is only 9, I am not sure about the "Forever" part but I am glad she has found a good friend.

A good friend is .....

  • someone who waits for you to finish your meal in the school canteen
  • someone who goes to the toilet and the school bookshop with you
  • someone who helps you carry your heavy school bag up and down the stairs when you hurt your foot
  • someone who insists you try her curry rice just because she likes curry too
  • someone who laughs at your jokes
  • someone who tells you jokes
  • someone who lends you books and borrows yours
  • someone to giggle with
I am glad that my girl finally has a special friend to do all these things with. :)


  1. Did your daughter tell you what a good friend meant to her here?

  2. No, this is from my own observation but it is a good idea. I will have to ask her. :)

  3. My girl is now starting to telephone her good friends. They asked if they can come over to the house during her b'day. I haven't decided whether to have a party but they already making plans. Hey, I've got an interesting meme for you to do:


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