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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Young Kids Should be Banned From

Thank you, Lian for thinking of me for this meme. Well, I think that young kids should be banned from...

1. Treating household maids or helpers as their personal slave
2. Shouting and other rude behaviour
3. All handheld gadgets
4. Watching mobile dvds while everyone else is having a meal
5. Any form of bullying in school and anywhere else for that matter
6. Being disrespectful towards their elders
7. Being couch potatoes. Kids are meant to be active
8. Letting their parents finish their leftovers
9. Eating sweets and other junk foods as their meal!
10. Uttering swear words that they don't even know the meaning off

Having said that, my kids are guilty of item 2, 6 and 8. What about yours? Anyone can go ahead and tag yourself but I'd really like to hear the views of the bloggers from the blogs listed below.


  1. Thanks for the tag MG. Another blogger also tagged me on this one. Will do it soon :)

  2. Good list! I didn't realise I always finish my kids leftovers - yeah they shouldn't make us do that!

  3. hi..hi...tagged myself,
    let`s exchange link :)

  4. I agree with all in your list, especially number 4, 5, and 6. I support that watching mobil DVD should be banned. mom2kiddos also mentioned her list about this. Item 8 isn't banned in my house, as my husband is happy to finish all my girls leftovers.

  5. Good post! Let me see, I fully agree with all except No.3.

    We are no longer able to separate ourselves from gadgets. Not only handheld gadgets. There is more good than bad. Gadgets used correctly will only enhance our knowledge and makes life easier. Even for young kids! Reese is crazy over his Ipad. If we do not limit him, he will be happy to spend the entire day playing it but we do have limits. Once you have a balance, it's a great teaching tool too. Reese learns so much by just spending some time playing educational interactive games and even games.

    Many parents are against introducing computer to young kids but I totally disagree. Again, when used appropriately it is a great too for learning at great speed and better retention too.

    You know, the same goes with TV watching. If parents choose and pick the right cartoons and sit together with their children occasionally to talk about the content, children will benefit tremendously from it.

    My two cents worth! :) Shoot me if I am wrong! :)

    At the end of the day, balance is very important. Parents should not treat gadgets or tv as babysitters(once a in a while is fine, hehehe...)

  6. Hey MG,, seriously i appreciate you tagging me here but then again i don't know much about this tagging stuff one..

    No1)i have thought my boys to respect others,,,but thank god i don't have maid for i don't believe to be served by one

    2)i am quite all right with that, for i would tell them it is ok to let go but must learn to control

    4)i am very particular about this, that's why during meal time, my tv is off, the light in the hall will be off too, no one is allowed to leave the dining table except everyone does but if there are exceptions to the rules at time too

    5)i've told them don't bully and never kow tow to bully

    6)just like no 1

    7)agree agree

    8)i finish for them, sometimes they have to do for me as well, no wastage

    9)thank god they hate junk

    10)i am okay with this,in fact i would tell them what those words mean and soon they just hate it

    thanks once again

  7. mommy to chumsy,
    Can't wait to see what you have to say. :)

    I always finish the leftovers. Teaching them the wrong things. :(

    You're linked. On my google reader.

    Sheoh Yan,
    In my house, I am the official DBKL tong sampah. All the leftovers get eaten my me. :P

  8. A gift from God,
    Yes, I really should be more specific. I meant those psp type of handheld mindless games. I am totally for educational ipad apps and other interactive computer sites. In fact, I have written and recommended a whole bunch of educational sites for children on my Squidoo lenses.

    In the one for toddlers online games, I mentioned exactly what you said here! This is what I mentioned....

    Is a toddler too young to use a computer? I don't think so. Not with proper GUIDANCE. The keyword here is guidance. With proper parental guidance, toddlers can use, play, have fun and learn using the computer."

  9. Eugene,
    You are really good Eugene. That is why I wanted to hear your views. My kids have terrible table manners. They love to read at the table! (I guess they learned it from me.) :P. I guess, yes, it is good to allow them certain things but to teach them limits. The other day my dotter asked me what the F*** word meant. She said her friend had been saying it. When I told her she said... Eeeeeyeeea. Haha.

    Thank you very much for sharing.

  10. Mg,

    Glad we have the same thinking! :)

    back to your topic...
    Once children begin formal schooling, they will be exposed to swear words and many many more naughty things. Unavoidable. So as a parent, we have to do our part to educate them on these things.

    Looking at your list, my son is guilty of #2 and #3.

  11. Whoo-hoo!
    Its been a really long time since I last played tags! Cool! Thanks for tagging me dear.
    Will do it soon!

  12. Thanks for doing the meme. I, too, at one time very lazy to do memes. After reading several mother's response to the meme, it looks like most of us have the same views.

  13. A Gift From God,
    Yes it is our duty as parents not to withhold information but rather to educate, teach but within set limitations and rules.

    Yup. Its been a long time. If you run out of things to write about, you can hop over to my Personal Blog and do the tag there too. :P

    It would seem that way that is why we all click. :)

  14. You know what, I shared my 2 cents' worth in my blog and unlike you getting agreeable comments and sharing, I kena 'bambu' by some kwailo woman saying we are rude to determine what other kids can or cannot do in their own home. Aiyo, I thought we are just being nice and innocently sharing our thoughts based on personal experience, right or not? And we do mean well with good reasons why we say kids should be 'banned' from doing those things, not like we are out to criticise other parents for allowing their kids to be rude, eat junk food etc....

  15. Oh dear, Anna, I'm so sorry that my tagging you caused you to be flamed! I think the person has taken a lighthearted fun view too seriously and so out of context. We were merely playing a fun tag game in jest. I think those of us who did the tag were actually referring to ourselves and what we prefer our kids not to do. It wasn't meant to belittle other parents nor was it a stab at those who allow their kids to do some of those things we mentioned. Sigh. I just wish that those people who have nothing nice to say will refrain from commenting. You don't normally do tags, I really feel so bad. My apologies!

  16. No prob MG. Yes, I wanted to actually tell her that I go by the saying that if we have nothing nice to say, we won't say anything, but I guess no point cos it's different strokes for different folks. What got to me is that upfront she says we are rude to say what others can or cannot do. I thing that's not fair. That's why I told her I can write anything I like in MY blog.

  17. Anna,
    There will always be comments like these for as long as we blog online publicly. In the past, I have felt unhappy over it but I have decided that in future, whenever I come across comments like these, I will just hit the DELETE button. As you say, it is our blogs write or do whatever we like.


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