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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet Gift for a Friend

The other day, I saw my girl making these sweets. When I asked them what they were for, she said they were for her friend. Each sweet had a writing on it. On some she had written "Happy", some "Sad" etc. She said they were for her friend to open on different occasions.

She had drawn little cartoons and written some jokes on small pieces of paper, then folded them up before wrapping them with another colored paper in the form of a sweet. She said she got the idea to make this gift for her friend after she read it in a Chinese Storybook she had been reading.

I pretended to pout and asked why didn't have any. So she made me these.... Mine is written in English because I don't read Chinese. I wonder what's in them. I am saving them up for a special occasion to read. I think it is a wonderful idea for a gift to a friend, young or old. :)


  1. What a wonderful idea! I'll get my kids to make them as gifts too one day.

  2. Very creative idea. Your child is very thoughtful to make them for her friend and you. :)

  3. This is *sweet* better than real sweet.

  4. It's really sweet and thoughtful of your daughter. I can't wait to know what's in your sweet one day. Do share with us ok?

  5. mom2kiddos,
    She learned it from a storybook.

    She made a whole bunch for her partner and only one or two for others so she must like her. :)

    Yes, lots better.

    Ok, I will share. :)


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