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Monday, July 25, 2011

Studying for Exams

The kids will be having their exams soon. School exams as well as piano exams and mommy is having exam fever again. Yes, mommy and not the kids. If they could, they would like to read storybooks all day and watch movies all night. And not forgetting computer games too but not mommy.

Mommy is looking at all the books and all the syllabus yet to cover and how much the little one still does not know. The problem is the school will give the syllabus as well as the books to read up. However, these books not only consist of the subject text book and activity book. It usually includes exercise books as well as several workbooks. How do you read up everything for every subject. That is a lot!

Worse still, when I look at the English book for example, it is extremely simple. However the workbooks and the exercises they have been doing are not the same as what is in the textbook. I guess I will just ignore the textbook.

The trick is what to study? Sometimes passing exams isn't about knowing everything but rather it is about studying the right thing. :P


  1. Same here, exam fever again. Other than those books in the school, i also invested some workbooks from book store for my girls to practise at home.

  2. Although I tried getting my girl to study way ahead before exams to cover everything that needs to be studied, I find that it's impossible because there's too much to study and she is not a robot who will just do what you say. She is not one who is scared of exams. In the end, she hardly studies, and will only pick up the books and glance through the pages the day before the exam. So I've more or less given up on making her study! I always tell myself 'whatever will be, will be'. Otherwise, I'll go crazy.

  3. So good the sch will give the syllabus for the tests/exams. My girl has to revise watever she's learnt from beginning of the yr. And some of the exercise books r not given back to the student. How to do revision like that? *scratch head*
    When I do revision with my girl, I usually dun refer to the textbooks. Nothing much there, esp Eng n Science textbooks.

  4. Sheoh Yan,
    Yes, that helps.

    Sometimes we have to let go or go mad. haha. My girl is very diligent in her studies but not the boy. He is so playful!

    Oh, fortunately for us, they give us the syllabus and which books to study including what pages. They also don't have to study from beginning of the year, only the term accept for Maths and recently, Science. Maybe this is something you can bring up to the school teachers. It is very useful indeed not to scratch our heads over what to study.


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