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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Piano Trial Exam and Piano Concert

The kids will be sitting for their Piano Exam next month. The girl will be taking her Grade 3 exam while this is the first time for the boy who is taking the Grade 1 ABRSM Piano practical exam.

Recently they sat for their piano trial exam as well as played their exam pieces in a mini concert for exam candidates. They did reasonably well.

The boy was a bit nervous since it was his first time. He rushed through all his songs, playing them very quickly. He did not pause from his second to third song and later asked me...

"Mummy, why didn't anyone clap for my second song?"

He played it so fast without any gap between the second and third song, that is why. :)

Daddy had been making them practise their exam pieces a few times a day prior to the concert. Not long practises, just playing the songs once or twice but broken up into many sessions so they won't be bored.

"Yes, yes, think about it when you play, press every key, don't just guess." he would say. I had a good laugh and told him that this is the first time I have seen someone without musical background trying to teach piano. He even sings off key, that man but it is very sweet of him to encourage the kids. :)


  1. it was really sweet of your husband you know? My husband takes turn with me to accompany my daughter for her JMC classes. Once in a while, he'll say he's lazy. LOL. But still sweet of him to accompany even though he complains once in a while. Your children enjoy playing the piano? Good luck in their exams!

  2. What a coincidence! Nicole would be sitting for her grade 3 piano exam too, in Sept. She is one lazy bum. Sigh :(

  3. mom2kiddos,
    Yes, he is a joker.

    They enjoy playing, when not forced to practise. Haha.

    Good luck to Nicole. :)


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