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Friday, July 22, 2011

Heavy School Bag

heavy school bagMy boy is in Primary One this year. I’ve noticed a difference in terms of work load and bag load. He does not have so much homework as his sister did. He also does not have as many books as his sister did. Most of his workbooks are left in the cupboard at school and the teacher monitors it. She only gives it to them if there is homework.
I think that is great. In the beginning of the year, when he packs his school bag, all he needs to do is switch one or two books for the next day and that was what he did. His school bag was not heavy at all.

Now, he has devised a new method for “packing” his school bag. He does not pack it at all! Eye rolling smile He has decided to bring all of his books everyday so that he does not need to take out any books and replace them with what is required the next day.

Today, I found his heavy bag of crayons and afternoon activity book for one of the days he has to stay back. When I wanted to remove them he said, no leave them there because he is too lazy to remember them.
This lazy boy of mine. I wonder whether I should take them out and insist that he packs his bag or just leave it since it does make sense not to have to pack. However, if he does not take his school books out, then he may accidentally forget to do some homework, which he hasn’t done so far.

Whatever it is, I am glad that his work load and bag load is lighter now this year as compared to his sister before him. At Primary 3, her work load and school bag is heavier than ever!


  1. I think it is fine for him to leave all the books and things in his school bag. If your kids are in Chinese school, the teacher will tend to punish students when they forget to bring their books or homework to school.

  2. Yes, so far I've left him because he still remembers all his homework and it makes sense not to have to take the books in and out because he only has to switch one or two books each day. He and his sister both are in Chinese primary school.

  3. Wah. Something which I will have to face one day. Hope it won't be that heavy. Are your children both in the same school?

  4. I have a 5 year old son who does the same! He doesn't take out his books and carries all of them, the bag looks so heavy! Finally I made him get used to a packing/unpacking routine right after homework time. Worked fine, as he is fond of my 4 o'clock evening snacks, which I said he'll have to forget if he doesnt unpack!

    Good post, u made it sound more than interesting enough to read to the end! take care :)

  5. Carolyn,
    Yes, they are both in the same school. :)

    Shreeja N,
    Fortunately my boy's bag is ok but my girl's bag looks like a tonne of bricks and she has to drag it up two flights of stairs. Sigh.


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