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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Parenting - You Know You're Doing The Right Thing When....

My Boy: Mummy, you know the kids that were bad to me last year? Well, they are not bad to me anymore?

MG: Why?

My Boy: Because I taught them to be nice. 

I'm glad he remembered my message to him not to be afraid of people who are being bad to him but rather, he should teach them to be good like him, instead. :)

My Boy: Mummy, you know yesterday one of the kids used the word "Idiot". We were playing shop and then they got angry with each other. One of them said that she won't buy anymore handbags from his handbag shop and he got angry and wrote "Idiot" on a paper. I'm sorry I called you and cheh cheh (sister) idiot last time. What does idiot mean?

MG: Well, you didn't know the meaning of the word but you still should not have used it because you know it means something not very nice, right?

I love hearing funny stories from my boy about his school day. One day, he told me that he was discussing about eating junk food with a girl. The girl told him that her parents allowed her to eat a lot of junk food and he told her "No, wonder you're fat." He asked me why the girl was mad at him. Lol.


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