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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Breakfast Ideas For Malaysian Mums With School Going Kids

Are you in a rush every morning? You want to feed your child a nutritious breakfast before they head off to school to take goodness knows what type of canteen food during break, yet you are often in a rush and you are running out of ideas on what to make. Welcome to the mad morning rush moms club. We have lots of those moms in our group: The Malaysia Primary and Secondary School Parents on Facebook and here are some of the mom approved breakfast ideas for Malaysian mums with school going kids.

Here are some ideas for the most rushed mornings when a quickie breakfast is all the time you have for.


Try bread cut into funny shapes and a side dish of fresh fruits

Hard boiled eggs or soft boiled eggs whichever you prefer is also fast and easy to prepare

Rolled oats, fruits and nuts. Yum. Yum.

Sandwiches cut with a mold or as it is if you don't have the time.

Vegetable salad. Good to train them from young.

Mission wrap triple cheese and egg.

Peanut butter and banana french toast with fruit and milo

Rolled oats, quinoa, spinach,pumpkin and sweet potato, vegetable shake and protein shake.

Wholemeal kaya toast, apples and soft boiled eggs

Sandwich toast and waffles with jam 

Sushi and cherry tomatoes on the side

Mission wrap with any filling of your choice

Mini Chicken Katsu Bento

(Some of these can be prepared overnight and heated in the morning to safe time)

Egg Muffins with bread, ham, cheese and sausage

Baked eggs with fresh milk, cheese and baby spinach

Mini Hotdog Rolls

Milk Buns

Mixed vegetable, minced meat and cheese and quinoa muffin

Potatoes, pumpkin, ham and egg muffins

Double Cheese buns - stuffed with cheese and topped with cheese

Kaya and Nutella Puffs

Marble Cake

French Madelines in Bear Shape with yoghurt drink

Red Bean or Sausage Buns

Fruit tarts and swiss roll


Hot Steamed Rolls

Pumpkin Mantou

Chocolate Mantou

Credit for the photos: Thank you very much to all the wonderful mums in The Malaysia Primary And Secondary School Parents On Facebook group who shared their photos and their ideas.

Though the ideas are plentiful, we can't share them all and being Malaysians we haven't even begun to include our local fairs like bihun goreng, nasi lemak, etc.

Hopefully these pictures give you some inspiration and some ideas of  your own.


  1. Rush means no cooking or "hoi wok" (open wok) required.. I only give Gardenia cream rolls & Milo for breakfast, boohoo, makes me look like a bad lazy mum..

    1. Our daily fare used to be peanut butter sandwiches and milo but we're trying to improve on it using some of these ideas.

  2. Interesting ideas for breakfast, which are your kids favorite?


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