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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Learning Centre For Home School In Cheras

So you want to home school your kids but you don't know how and you do not have any connections or network. What do you do now? Consider an alternative option. A learning Centre for home schooling.

Some who do homeschooling say that there is no such thing as a homeschooling centre because homeschooling should be taught at home, hence the term "home" schooling. However, homeschooling is not easy, especially if you do it on your own. You need to have a good network of other parents so that your child has a chance to mix around with other children, get together to do projects and share teaching duties with other parents. Not all of us are expert educators in every subject so some home schoolers specialize in subjects and alternate teaching with their network. That's why in the past home schooling used to be done in ready communities eg. a faith based organization.

These days, there is a new option for parents who

  • do not wish to send their kids to public school
  • do not have the networks for home school
  • do not have the know how, patience or time for home schooling
  • prefer not to send to private or international schools because they want to save their funds for tertiary education
This option is a learning centre if you prefer not to call it a home school centre but it essentially provides education for kids who want to opt out of the public school system yet do not want to pay the hefty fees of international schools.

Let's take a look at one such learning centre in Cheras. It is called Kensington Academy. Kensington Academy offers IGCSE courses for their students which is the preferred course for most home schoolers.

Below you can see the comparison between public school and IGCSE as shown on the Kensington Academy website. IGCSE is offered at Kensington Academy starting from Year 1 or age 6. However, you can join at any time. For example, you can study at a public primary school up to Std 5, then move on to Kensington Academy to do your Year 7 which is equivalent to Form 1 level in public school. Alternatively, you can do your UPSR, then move on to Year 8 at Kensington subject to an aptitude test, interview with the principal or course coordinator and approval of your application.

Below are a list of the subjects your child may be studying under the IGCSE syllabus in Kensington.

At Kensington Academy, students can take the IGCSE exams that many home schoolers and international school students do. They can do projects together and have the social interaction just like in public school but at a fraction of a fee of an international school.

To know more about the programme, facilities and admission requirements at Kensington Academy, visit their website Kensington Academy or Facebook Page. Located at Cheras, the academy also arranges transport for students at a minimum fee.


  1. May I know what the fee range is please?

    1. The fees are ranging from RM 3200 to RM 5100 (per term). If you need further details, you can contact Mr How Head of Secondary, Kensington Academy at Mobile: 012 699 3033 or Office : 03 9543 9624

  2. Hi, is there other similar center near Puchong?

    1. Sorry, I am not familiar, Carrie.


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