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School Holiday Programme December 2018

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tips For Tackling SJKC Science Paper 2 UPSR New Format

Before reading this, please refer to our previous post on the new format for Science for UPSR 2016

There has been a lot of talk and emphasis on the extra English paper in UPSR 2016. However, one should take note that there is significant change in the Science paper as well. Just like the English paper, the Science paper has also been split into two papers. The difference is, English is now counted as two subjects but Science is still considered as one subject. 

Notwithstanding that, there is no denying that the Science paper is now two separate papers, one hour for each paper whereas previously it used to be one paper to be done in one hour 15 minutes. In other words, there is now more emphasis on Science Paper 2 (which used to be Part 2 of the one Science paper).

The new Science Paper 2 has 8 subjective questions which are broken into sub-parts eg. Q1a (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), Q2b, Q3c(i), (ii), Q4d(i), (ii) and so on and so forth.  

Science Paper 2 usually test the students knowledge on conducting experiments.

Now, here's the tip. For SJKC students, do make sure your child knows all of the following terms. Not only memorize the terms but know and understand what they mean. Previous format, may use these terms to ask the questions directly. The new format may ask questions based on  your understanding of the terms and may not use the terms to ask questions. 

If you are a non-Chinese speaking parent who send your child to SJKC, you should also recognize and know these terms so you can help your child. In Science, we can teach our kids concepts in English and then get them to learn the important terms in Chinese. 

To answer paper 2 questions on experiments, the student MUST know and UNDERSTAND the Science terms associated with conducting experiments. Do not be confused or use the terms interchangeably. 

Here is a free printable of the Science terms in Chinese. Pinyin as well as English translation has been provided for non-Chinese families who send their kids to SJKC to help mum or dad assist their child with homework or revision. The printable is for our website members only.

Members may go to the link below to download the free printable.

Note: Find the printable that looks like the image on the right to download and print for your home use.

Test Yourself: After you have learned the terms,  go to this page for sample questions. Here's what to do.
  1. Go to this link: Bank Soalan SJK (C) Pei Hwa (They have an excellent collection of past year papers for download)
  2. Select "English Version"
  3. Click on 2015
  4. Click on Std 6 (Last green tab)
  5. Click on the Sains Tahun 6 tab (That's the 7th yellow tab counting down from the top)
  6. Click on Sains Paper 2 (any month) 
  7. See how many of the terms you can spot in the questions. (The questions are bilingual so you won't have trouble understanding them. Note that they are in the old format still as the school has not put up the 2016 ones yet)
  8. You can check your answers here: Collection of Exam Answers from SJK (C) Pei Hwa.
Study these terms well and half the battle is won in answering Science Paper 2 questions on experiments. Those in Upper Primary, Std 4 and 5 can start learning these terms to familiarize themselves. By std 6, they should know and understand these terms well.

Meanwhile, here's a YouTube video to quickly and easily explain Scientific Variables to kids. (The first three items in the list of terms in our printable).

You may also find this short article useful to understand the difference between inference and conclusion in Science.

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