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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Registration For Primary School - The First Day 1 March 2016

Today is the first day for registration for Malaysia public primary schools and what a day it has been!

We put up the notice on the right on our group wall and that has garnered over 400 comments from anxious parents doing the registration. Besides this thread, there were many others talking about the same subject.

Many parents especially, those from Selangor, stayed up till 12.00 am to register their child for public primary schools in Malaysia. However, many did not manage to do so till morning. By 7 am parents shared a snapshot to show that the registration start date had been changed to 2 March 2016. About an hour later however, the notice of the postponement in start dates were removed and finally parents breathed a sigh of relief as they were then able to do the online registration. Some mentioned that it was easier to do so using Google Chrome browser.

After online registration, parents have to proceed to the school with a printout of their registration along with supporting documents like I/C, utility bills, birth registration certs etc. Some of the parents reported long waits for up to 3 hours while others managed to complete their registration in 5 minutes depending on the popularity of the school.

There were incidences of parents being unable to print out their forms, while some had missing information on it. There were many other issues reported by mums and dads in our group, too many to mention here. Some of those who registered last  year in 2015 were also confused on whether they had to register again this year under the new online system. As one parent shared

"Log in with your username and password that you set up. Once you are in, go to pendaftaran baru. It will ask for IC number of parent, usually father as penjaga Utama. After that your kids name will appear. Then just follow instructions to kemaskini the info."

Eventually, the parents managed to sort the problems they were facing by chatting, sharing snapshots and tips. That is the power of social networking! Many spent up to an  hour filling up the online form. Hopefully, things will get better from now till the end of the month.

Happy Registering to all parents. If you need help, join our FB group (The Malaysia Primary And Secondary School Parents On Facebook) and get help from other parents.


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