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Friday, March 04, 2016

What To Do If You Registered For Primary School Last Year 2015 Under The Old Online System

FAQ: I registered last year (2015) under the old online system. What should I do?

This question is frequently asked by parents in our Facebook group: The Primary and Secondary School Parents On Facebook

This unofficial guide is for parents in Selangor who registered for primary school last year 2015 under the old online system. It is based on the questions and the answers provided by the helpful parents in our group.

On whether to register under the new online system and how

If you wish to update information using the new website, please ignore last year's registration password. You cannot use it on the new website. Here are the steps:
  1. Go to https://public.moe.gov.my/
  2. Create a new ID and password. Click PENGGUNA BARU and daftar using parent's name and I/C. There will be pop-up showing "Anda berjaya mendaftar if you have registered at the old website.
  3. Go back to the main page. Key in your new ID and password which you created in step 2. Click DAFTAR MASUK. Then click, Tahun 1 Permohanan/Semakan.
  4. Click PERMOHONAN BARU. (Do not click Semakan even though you have registered last year because this is a new system)
  5. Click MYKAD and key in  YOUR CHILD's IC. You will see another pop up.
  6. Check the information that you entered last year and fill in any missing information. Whatever you key in please click SIMPAN.
  7. If you wish to make any changes, click KEMASKINI (Kemaskini means updates).
  8. Move along the tabs until PERAKUAN.
  9. Once all information is correct, click HANTAR/SUBMIT.
  10. After HANTAR at the perakuan column, you need to find a green tick to print and save a copy as pdf
Extra Tips: 
  • If you are logged out and logged in again, click on SEMAKAN. Do not click on permohonan baru.
  • If you wish to check the "maklumat sekolah", the "penafian" notification may block out your space. So please switch to handphone or laptop, zoom in or zoom out or switch to tablet or landscape or portrait or minimize etc until you can see the information.
  • If you registered last year but wish to change schools because you changed your mind. Do the above, then click BATAL and do a KEMASKINI. You can do this even after you have hit HANTAR. However, you must remember to bring the birth certificate to the first school for cancellation and to the second school for stamping.
On whether you need to resubmit hard copies of supporting documents plus the new form to the school

Please check with the school. Some schools require resubmission and a copy of the new application/registration form printed out from the new website while others do not require it if you had the back of your child's birth certificate stamped by the school last year. Please check with the school.

Special thanks to the parents who contributed to this unofficial guide.



  1. This is only applicable for Selangor schools right?

    1. Hello Isya, this is for Selangor and Putrajaya only.


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