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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


My day is often interrupted......

In the middle of the night....

"Waaaaah!" Hmmm... time to feed baby.

Early in the morning......

"Mummy, mummy, wake up. The sun is out and I'm going out!"

In the Toilet....

"Baby. Get away from that door. No. No. The toilet floor is dirty. No. Don't come here..."

In the Kitchen.....

"No Baby No. Stop playing with the slipper. No. Its dirty. Nooooo...."

While having lunch....

"Mummy, I wanna go toilet......"

While trying to finish lunch.....

"Mummy, I wanna go toilet......"
"No baby no, don't crawl under the table!"

While trying to have a bath.....

"Phew! Thank Goodness for the purple dinasaur babysitter."

While trying to change baby's diaper....

"Stop climbing on the table and hopping on the armchair......"
"No.. no.. baby, come back here, mummy's not done yet!"

While trying to blog ......

"No, no you two, get away from the keyboard, don't touch that!"

Sometimes I wonder how I stay sane....


  1. I can relate exactly to what you wrote! Keep blogging :)

  2. Am sure every mom will have their share of interupptions LOL! On weekend mornings my toddler would wake up earlier than the usual weekdays! *sigh* And I normally put baby in the baby cot and quickly take a shower. Let her exercise her lungs if she decides to! *heheh*

  3. hah? sane? what sane? who stay sane? we did meh? hahaha...we share the same situation again, but I got a gate at the kitchen door, so sorry...the girls can't come in, because it is really dirty...

  4. MG, did I send some telepathic messages to you to write my blog for me? How come everything you write sounds exactly like my day ( as we speak, baby tiptoeing trying to touch keyboard..)???
    Except now - 'want to crawl, crawl-lah. mummy wipe the floor/wash the toilet already..'

    We're wired to multi-task, that's why we're still sane..

  5. Hahahahha!! sama-sama here.. ;)

  6. Ah yah, It's the best time of your life from the kids, enjoy it now later as they grow bigger it won't be so fun. Even though they are making you insane> LOL (gone thru.that)

  7. fishtail, :)

    momof2, your toddler smart, wake up earlier to spend more time with you.

    twinsmom, I got no kitchen door so kenot have gate.

    kc, Yee? You got time to wipe floor and wash toilet ah? ;) (*admire*)

    mrst, great minds me meet again!

    thquah, hmmm.... how come all those with older kids say its the best time? teenage time even more insane izzit?

  8. A&A's mom5:25 PM, May 11, 2005

    MG, it will get easier when they a little bit older. Went thru the same thing with my boys but now they will play together very well. I used to wake at 5am to do my exercise so that I won't be interrupted.

  9. Ya, children are evil, you need to spend lots of effort teaching them good from bad. Ian have been pulling out my keyboard's keys, whenever he sees me blogging.

  10. MG - you have been tagged.

  11. LOL!! So do i..hehe..i got 3 and i must yeal this come back and that dun do that while i give the other changing nappy.

    I cant close to computer, if they see me at the computer all of them climb up me and hit the keyboard. So i just can blog after all of them were sleep.

  12. You sound exactly like my sister. Everytime she wants to do something..her son also wants to do something. When she sits still and wants him to do something...he won't. Sigh...kids.

  13. What is it with kids and keyboards?? I must bring out my old keyboard and give it to him whenever I sit in front of my PC, so he can type also. But knowing that kid, he'll probably want to sit on mummy's lap and use mummy's keyboard instead of his own... Mummy's one smell nicer I think...

    Spend 1 day wiping floor and washing toilet, then can relax 1 week without having to chase after them and scoop them away away dirt!! Worth doing...

  14. babies must be universal, su anne also love to bite the dirty house sandal, crawl into the bathroom when suzanne brushes her teeth, crawl under tables, flip over, never still when you try to fasten the nappy... but they are so happy/intent on doing it, so dont know whether to laugh or frown, haha, joy, dont you agree?

  15. I can so relate to that. We cant even finish our sentences without being interuped, no matter how short they are!

  16. A&A's mom, you and your exercise regime puts me to shame lah.

    lazybone, so is pulling the keyboard keys good or bad? ;)

    5Xmom, you....you....you...grrrr

    1+2mom, yah hor got 3, got more interruptions.

    Cherry, mine won't even let me sleep. She's always saying "Open your eyes mummy, open your eyes!"

    kc, "What is it with kids and keyboards??"

    The kids must be saying .. "Hmmm...mummy and daddy is always pounding on the keyboard. It must be a really fun toy to play with."

    Shamira, In a car ride we often have to shout at each other over the din to get any conversation going. Haha.

  17. MrsB, Luckily baby hasn't learned to bite sandal yet. At the moment touch only, not bite. :P


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