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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Too Many Occassions to Celebrate

*Check check check calander*

April - Baby's birthday

May - Toddler's birthday, Mother's Day, Wedding Anniversary

June - MG's birthday, Father's Day

Mr MG: Hon, why don't we just pick one day and celebrate all the occassions on that day?

MG: ----------- (speechless)

Apart from our own little family, there are many more celebrations, dad's birthday, sisters, brothers, in-laws, nieces, nephews, close friends. Almost every month there is something to celebrate. Sometimes it can be tiring to keep up, to remember, to buy gifts etc.

One of the things we sometimes disagree about is whether to attend those gatherings. "But I just attended a family gathering of yours last week." is a very common sentence. Sometimes we have to bargain "Ok, ok, we go for this one only but not the next one."

Hehe. How does everyone else solve this problem or is it a problem to begin with?


  1. Only weddings and funerals for me. And that is already a LOT. hahahaha. Meeting up with the in-laws very stressful wor. So, I would rather avoid than to spoil everyone's day, weeks after that. HOHOHOHO

  2. the way to solve the countless party is to attend it with a good appetite, enjoy the food and no need to worry about washing, cleaning. the best gift to every party? shirt, and T-shirt.

  3. Hahah, very familiar situation for me too. My children are currently the only cucus in the family, on both my side and my hubby. So you can imagine the tug of war that goes on sometimes.

    But sometimes I put down my foot and say, this weekend I wanna spend it at home. Luckily my hubby also a very malas sod. Hehehehe..

  4. sound like mine,

    May - toddler birthday and mother's day

    June - 1+2dad birthday and father's day

    countinue got alot of dinner like wedding, fullmoon etc so sometime the close relation just aviod it so let the IL or my parents attend but my friends and 1+2dad friends dinner cant avoid so have to attend :(

  5. Hehehe. LOL. Where did you get that great sense of humour? I think its good to be able to see life with humour the way you do.

    twinsmom. Haha. I'm not going to invite you to my birthday party. Sked you give me shirt or t-shirt!

    Along "My children are currently the only cucus in the family" - sure kena spoilt one. Last time my nephew was the first cucu on both sides of his family and we all doted on him. :)

    1+2mom, after a while you will find there is no more friend's weddings to attend. I think I attended all liao and mine was one of the last few among friends. Haha.

  6. Ya, I also blogged about this too. I think more than 10 anniversaries to celebrate if you put them all together. Who is really going to benefit from it? The businessman, actually.

    So, we actually only celebrate Ian’s birthday and Christmas (for the fun). All the other days, if we have time and mood maybe we celebrate -- this way there is more surprise element! But we have to agree first, that if nothing is done, cannot get angry. :)

  7. "But we have to agree first, that if nothing is done, cannot get angry. :) "

    Haha. Ya. We also have this unspoken "agreement".


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