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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Strange Bedfellows

I often see sweet little babies with their cuddlies in the form of a pillow, bolster, blanket or soft toy and wander how come my babies are not attached to anything. Maybe breastfed babies are like that. The only thing they are attached to are their..... errr... "milk containers".

Both of my babies do not have any attachments to any cuddlies. They both are not particularly attached to any pillows or bolsters. Toddler's favourite bedtime toys changes all the time and baby only wants his "milk containers". I recall toddler used to take two Hello Kitty soft toys to bed, one pink and one yellow. Her favourite was the yellow one and she would insist that I held the pink one while she held the yellow and we would hold the toys together until she fell asleep. She quickly outgrew that and moved on to Ernie of Sesame Street fame for a very short time. Ernie would sing and dance for her (courtesy of mummy) before she slept.

Soon Ernie grew out of favour when she fell in love with a big ugly and tacky looking blue flower from ToysRUs. The flower had a yellow smiley face and a long green stem and she would hold, kiss and look at the smiley face before falling asleep. The smiley face doubled up as a mop the very next morning as she tried to imitate me when I swept/mopped the floor. Ewe!

Her current love is a small blue foam alphabet No.3 which she would hold before sleeping and every night she would ask me. "Where's my No.3?" I hope she won't grow up to change clothes or boyfriends the way she changes her cuddlies! (Toddlers favourite colour is blue. She has a blue toothbrush, blue hairbrush, blue books and her blue No. 3 and has requested for blue baloons and a blue cake for her birthday! )

Children often have a way of soothing themselves to sleep and sometimes this carries on to adulthood too. I can't sleep without my bolster thats for sure. Hehe.


  1. MG, cuddlies? I oso hv leh. My beloved teddy bear lor...something I've not outgrown wor...tho the teddy I had since I was a baby is back home in my hometown, I shy to bring over lor...but I still cant sleep without teddy bears lor...hehe:P My favorite color is pink so when I was small I used to hv pink toothbrush, hair pins etc everything pink...my bedroom back home oso pink color one...hhee...

  2. yalor..bf baby no need cuddlies hor..hehe..SQ oso don have..
    But mama can't sleep without kitty lah..haha

  3. heheh... my children also don't have any particular cuddlies wor...
    they are able to go to sleep as long as I'm with them. :)

  4. Wow..your toddler changed so many cuddlies? When I was her age, I had 2 and even till this very day, I'm still hugging that 2 to sleep. I bring it everywhere I go (ok..not for short holidays). But anywhere I go for more than a month, I must bring them with me.
    One of them is a baby bolster and the other one is a humpty dumpty pillow.
    I just love them to bits. Can't sleep without 'em. And if I have to stay over at another place for a few nights, I must must have something to hug; be it a pillow, a blanket or just someone :)

    Careful not to get her addicted to her cuddlies or else she'll turn up like me and my sister. My sister is 30 this year and she still has hers since the day she was born :)

  5. Hey.. MG,
    Chloe is the same way.. she doesn't have any soother too.. not attached to the 101 toys we have for her.. nor does she takes the binkie. The only soother she wants is mummy... hahha!! I hope she doesn't carries this to adulthood.. hhahha!!

  6. ermm...I have to sleep with a pillow with corner I can play with :P. my girls don't have also wor...may be BF baby don't have this habit gua...I'm not BF baby.

  7. And yet more BF babies who don't need cuddlies - my 2 angels also have no favourites. Their mommie has tried to influence them to have Kitties, Tweeties, Birdies, Winnies, Piggies, Duckies,etc. so as not to be attached to mommie but to no avail... Baby does show a bit of partiality towards his plastic bath cup, banging it happily on any hard surface whenever he sees it..

  8. mmmm..my son cuddlies is his pillow with the same pattern pillow cover but my girls dun have wor. My son favorite colour is red so he got so many red cloth. His toothbrush also red colour.

  9. a&a'smom7:28 AM, May 18, 2005

    I don't think it has anything to do with the method of feeding (BF or FF) as both my boys (elder one was ff while no. 2 bf for 2.5 yrs) do not have cuddlies.

    He.. he. Guess what is mummy's cuddlies- My Darling Hubby!

  10. mystic, in that case you have something cuddly to welcome you home to hometown everytime. ;)

    msau, ya lor, its the mamas which can't sleep without their cuddlies. Haha.

    momof2, yeah, that makes it easy or hard depending on how you want to look at it.

    cherry, a humpty dumpty pillow :)

    MrsT, "nor does she takes the binkie. The only soother she wants is mummy... hahha!! I hope she doesn't carries this to adulthood.. "

    Mine doesn't take the binkie either and rely on mummy as a soother so I too hope they won't carry this to adulthood!

    twinsmom, I am inclined to think that breastfed babies don't have a need for cuddlies to comfort themselves becos mummy is always available to help them feel secure.

    kc, yah i tried too. And they are not addicted to pacifier or their bottles becos they never took any. Both of them graduated to cup at 6 months and does not know how to drink from a bottle.

    1+2mom, how come my girl likes blue and your boy likes red. should exchange. hehe.

    A&A'smom, maybe becos you are always available for them and they are addicted to you too. Wah, you got a big teddy bear there don't you?

  11. You wouldnt belive it but my little one uses my hair to sooth her to sleep. It used to be McB but once that stopped, she caught on to the hair.ow I just dont know what to do to stop this habbit :(

  12. Hey, now that you mentioned it, I think there is a co-relation there. All my 3 older kids have very, very geli comfort habits, old bolster, pillow and some icky looking soft toy. They can't leave home without it. But for Matthew, all he does when he sleeps is just terkangkang, left foot on papa, right foot on mama. So casual and confidence. My older kids were transported from daycare/nurseries/school/mom's place/babysitters and hence, less security than this Matthew who lives di bawah ketiak mak.

  13. Yeah, my kids also graduated to cups direct from breasts. And I have absolutely no idea how to wash and sterilise milk bottles...

    Speaking of needing mommie as soother, have you ever noticed that the wife and mother are usually similar in the chest dept?? I did a small survey among my male relatives, and found that if the mother has flat chest, so does the wife. And if the mother is ample, so is the wife. Hmm....

  14. Sham, when my little one pulls my hair, I pull hers back. Haha. Bad mommy.

    5Xmom, Yah, yah, they sleep exactly the way you described, kaki and tangan all terkangkang.

    kc, hehe. so your mum ample bosom or flat type? ;)

  15. I have 4 pillows as cuddlies. Bringing only 3 to UK.
    Cant sleep without them.

  16. wow! what keen observation. i never thot of that. ;)

  17. I just blogged about my bolsters and pillows!! Tee-hee!! Its difficult for me to sleeping without having anything to hug.... I need to have at least a normal-sized pillow. At least! Otherwise, I'll have a tough night.

  18. Haha Ginnie, why you left one more back home, so lonely...

    Belacan, let me guess, your girls sleep kaki terkangkang type?

    Narrowband, Ya if no bolster worse come to worse must have pillow to hug. :)

  19. I was actually referring to the the guy's mother and wife, ie. guy's mother has big chest, guy's wife also big-chested. My MIL is not flat-chested, neither am I.. ;)


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