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Friday, May 20, 2005

Saturday Night

Babies..... such small, innocent, tiny and sweet little beings but what a HUGE impact they have on our lives. This is what happens after they arrive. (Young people don't be afraid to get married and have kids after reading this post. Hehe. Though very different, every phase is enjoyable, I assure you.)

Saturday Night as a single girl

7.00pm Doll Up and Dress Up
8.00pm Dinner out on the town in some new fancy place
10.00pm Drink, watch a band or two/listen to some music/dance/cucimata etc
1.00am Lepak at mamak stall eating roti canai/nasi lemak with some hot piping teh tarik
3.00am zzzzzzzz

Saturday Night married with kids

7.00pm Tries to eat dinner in front of TV with baby crying and toddler running around
8.00pm Dress kids up and whole family drive to the bank to do some night banking
8.30pm Drop by at kong kong's (grandpa's) house for a short while
9.30pm Get the kids ready for bed
10.30pm zzzzzzz

Do I want to turn back the clock to an earlier time? No. Its hard but its fun too. Kids. They bring so much warmth, laughter and love to every home.


  1. My life changed alot after SQ born lah.. I miss single life lah..*sob*
    now I gotta sleep early wakeup early ...hmm..quick a healthy life routine oso..hehe

  2. Well love married life even though it's full of challenges.

  3. Sama-sama here MG!! but i would never change it for the world..!

  4. we think alike ;) tough but never regretted having my children and would never ever change them for anything in the world!

  5. wah - what did i miss in life arh - my before and after : same-same wor !!?

    am i THAT boring ?

  6. The only thing I miss is being able to change and go out within 5 minutes!! We tried going out for dinner without the kids once, and within 10 minutes of our 'date' I was asking DH, 'I wonder how the kids are.'

  7. Oh! how I miss those times ! But absolutely no regrets and love being a mom. Its a different kind of joy

  8. Can't agree less with you lah, MG! I just can't imagine when I have more than 1 kid. Now Ian alone is already...
    But you are so right that I also don't want to turn back. It is so rewarding seeing Ian grows. Hmm... I missed Ian...

  9. msau, I sleep late, wake up in the middle of the night and wake up early. Hehe.

    thquah, you mean married life with kids. ;)

    MrsT, dunno why we always think alike leh?

    momof2, you too eh?

    leeyn, same same meaning you still partying ah?

    kc, yah baby always must pansai after dressing up in his best and after we open the door about to step outside.

    Shamira, yeah, sometimes I miss the carefree days too. So free lah that time.

    lazybone, you lagi hectic with your travel schedule.

  10. very tire to comment now, stand for whole day, and now edge out the bras in the Photoshop for Vivian, eye sleep sleep...

  11. sometime will miss the single life but i had no regret married early and having children early.

    b4 got children can get a well sleep but now no more have to weakup early, middle of mid nite and sleep late (read blog, sometime blogging :P)

  12. Yeah, I too sometimes miss single life but I wouldn't change what I have now for anything!!

    I have a lot of single friends who are actually jealous of what I have.

  13. When they get big, the troubles come.


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