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Thursday, September 06, 2007

How long does it take to train a maid?

Due to my health condition, it would be ideal to have a permanent maid. Someone to be around all of the time. At the moment, I have a part time helper. She is reasonably good but she is not around all of the time which is what we prefer. But just how long does it take to train a maid? Don't expect those that are provided to you by the maid agency to be fully trained. At the most, they will teach them to make some beds.

Some people suggests getting an experienced maid. That will cut down the training time. On the other hand you have to balance that with having one that is too street smart or street wise. Theres the issue of trust and a longing for new pastures when they are more experienced, I think.

So lets take for example you take in a new inexperienced maid. I think it will take several months to train one up to your expectations. Afterall how can you expect someone who is young, away from their family and country and who perhaps does not speak your language and does not know how to use modern appliances to adjust overnight? I think you should be prepared to spend at least one or two months of your time training and teaching them. I don't think working mothers have this time and thats why we have problems sometimes.

As for me, I'm not prepared to spend that time only to face the risk of them running away afterwards in cohorts with the agency after my hard work of training and teaching them. Nosiree. And thats why even though we would prefer to have someone around most of the time, we are not taking in a full time maid for now.

Recently I saw a family of 5, parents and 3 kids out for a meal with a maid. The maid looked rather unhappy and left out. When the food came, she stood up and took some portions of the noodles for the kids. Why does she have to do that, I wonder. The kids look old enough to help themselves to their own food. Just like most children can wear their own shoes by school going age. None of the family members made any effort to speak to the maid throughout the meal. No wonder she looked miserable and left out. A maid is not a member of family but they could at least have made some small talk with her, I think.

I sometimes do pity the maids and their plight of working far from home and family in a strange land with strange equipment and in a language they do not understand. Don't you?


  1. i have not experience with maid but maybe you can get tips from other mummies who have no problem with maid.

    Wish you all the best and hope you get the right to help you not giving you extra work+headache

  2. sometimes i wonder too. Some maids gotto wake up at 5 am to wash the cars everyday. Why everyday have to wash car leh? why make thier life so miserable? and when the boss and the family eat, they look. when she eat, the rest all walking around. So cham. And those that whack and scold the maid like they're not human, aiyoh..i see also sakit hati.

  3. I've been having maids since I had Abj 10 yrs ago. I'm 1 of the lucky ones who have maids that stay long with me. My first maid was with me 4 yrs (she didnt want to leave but her dad asked her to come back), my 2nd stayed for 2 yrs(wanted to stay on working but cldnt as got to take care of her kids) & my current who is now with me for 5 yrs. I dont treat my maid as a slave but we both do the housework together. Since I dont like cooking she will do it while I do the house cleaning (besides it gives me a good workout too). I also make my own bed, clear the table after meals. Since I cant manage my house alone I dont expect her to do it. I make her go to bed latest by 930pm as she wakes up at 5am. Once a month I give her a day off where she takes a bus to Puchong to relatives house & return the next day. On her bday we have cake & gift for her. My boys also have to make their own bed & help clear the table as I dont want them to be spoilt. When boys were babies,my maid was strictly to do cooking & housework. I wld bathe, feed & take care of my boys myself.How long to train a maid will depend on the maid. There are fast learners & opposite. I have even taught my maid to read English so that she can follow recepies that I get from the net! So it all depends on the maid.

  4. never pity a maid cos they can torment u to psycho stage! treat them well they climb all over you..i for one have experience with maids for almost 9 years and none of them were good...err maybe except for one cos she genuinely came to work for the money!

  5. channelwong,
    I'm not looking for a maid.

    The best way IMO is not to ask your maid to do anything that you wouldn't do yourself.

    Luck plays a small percentage. I can see that your maid stays with you because you treat them well.

    Perhaps you have had many bad experiences to say this but I still think that we must feel compassion but feeling compassion does not mean that we cannot still be firm so that you don't get taken advantaged off for being nice. You can be nice and firm at the same time. Most of them are young and here for the money and things can easily go wrong if the condition is not right or if the expectations between employer and maid do not meet. Thats just my 2 sens.

  6. mumsgather, good to read this post, because me is in this situation now! Got a maid which we got communication problem, and me is those want things to be all perfect and do things fast.And my this new maid, as i said she hardly understand English, and she always make me angry, sometime she just make me lose my cool!My mum advice me, this is time for me to learn be patience! They need time to learn, and since they are from different country and different culture, they really need time to adopt all this. So now what i do is i try to cool myself down, guide her on the housework, be patience be patience! Just remind myself, give her sometime to learn. Hope i can do it well!


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