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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Getting your child to eat their fruits

My kids love to eat mangoes, bananas, dragonfruit, mostly soft sweet fruits. One day someone served us some cut oranges. Thinking that they would reject it for sure, I was very surprised when they ate them. Why?

"Mummy, its like drinking orange juice from a curved orange bowl!" exclaimed the girl. I played along with her. Now everytime I want to serve oranges, I cut them up and say, come and drink your oranges from a curved bowl. It has worked so far.

The thing with children is to play along with them and be like a child again with them. That way, you can be your child's best friend and get them to do whatever you want. No, its actually the other way around. They get you to do everything that they want! Lol!


  1. Most of the time, I'll follow their way...coz I want to feel young! hahaha...

  2. jesslyn,
    Me too. I play their games and speak their language too. Hehe.


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