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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mummy, I wanna hug hug you!

My 3 year old has found the magic sentence to get through to mummy.

Don't want to sleep in own bed? Just say... "Mummy, I wanna hug hug you!" together with a big grin. If possible try to get that grin right in front of her face. Be persistent. Even if mummy doesn't want to smile at you. Keep smiling and shoving your face right in front of hers.

If this still doesn't work, raise your arms into hugging position and repeat "Mummy, I wanna hug hug you!"

Been misbehaving? Mummy is angry?
Been pestering mummy? Mummy is angry?
Been whiny? Mummy is angry?
Been fighting with his sister? Mummy is angry?
Been clingy? Mummy is busy?

Whatever the situation (and there's more) just say "Mummy, I wanna hug hug you!"

It works like a charm everytime. Mummy will not stay angry for long and mummy will hug hug and smile in return. Sometimes mummy even laughs aloud.


  1. haha..my boy says "Sorry mummy" each time I angry. He will keep saying, come kiss my lips until I give him a big smile.

  2. elaine,
    Your boy has found the secret key to your heart too eh?

  3. Kids are very smart...when we angry, they will find way to cheer us up...

  4. chanelwong,
    You mean they know how to wrap us round their tiny little fingers. Lol!

  5. mine says Mommy I love u. Haiya, like that how to stay angry??? :P

  6. blur mommy,
    Awww... hahaha. Melted already, how to remain angry?


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