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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Age of Mischief

Yesterday they got into their first big mischief. I think the age of mischief starts at around 5. Thats when they want to explore and use their imaginations plus they want to test your limits and see how far they can get away with mischief.

Yesterday when I left the kids aged 3 & 5 alone for a moment, a long moment that is, I came back to discover the table including books on the table, plus the carpet plus the floor all soaking wet. They had nicely taken water in little containers from the bathroom to their room and were busy pouring them to and fro the containers.

I went beserk. I really did. Gave each of them a good smacking and telling off. However, I am also really angry at myself and guilty for not watching over them well enough. This time its a soaking carpet. They could have gotten into a much worse mischief. Who knows? Better watch them like a hawk from now on.

I blogged this a week back but forgot to post so yesterday refers to yesterday a week ago.


  1. I can't tell you the number I've lost my top with the kids over their 'creativeness'.

    Once during dinner, my girl was reading and eating while I was preoccupied with something else. Then I heard my girl yelling. Turns out her brother poured her entire cup of water into her plate of fish and chips! Of course a lot of scolding entailed. But after a while, I realised if I had just kept a better eye on them, none of this would have happened and that would have prevented a lot of aggravation on all parties! Sigh.. as usual, it's mommie's fault!! LOL

  2. LOL! I was wondering where this post went.

  3. Usually alone they are not too bad. Together, these kids are "dangerous" :)

  4. Oh boy..!! i know how you felt.. i would have gone berserk too.! but i really, really try hard to contain myself. ;) but it can be real hard.. ;)


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