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Friday, September 28, 2007

Win a Dot.com blogging contest

As some of you know, I have 3 active blogs. Two of them are hosted on blogger and the other on my own paid hosting. I have been contemplating getting another dot.com because its really more beneficial and valuable than a blog on free hosting.

For those of you who are doing paid blogging or considering paid blogging, you need to go dot.c0m. Advertisers prefer those. Despite this blog having better traffic and stats than my dot.c0m blog, I am constantly getting more orders on the other blog. Dot.com is the way to go forward.

So, when I read that 5xmom is giving away free hosting and free domain names in a blogging contest, I jumped and immediately did an entry. Hahaha. I didn't realise that the contest was for those on free hosting thinking of going dot.com. This blog is on free hosting but I already have one dot.com. So do I qualify? Oops!

Please go to her blog and read up this blog post to find out more about the contest: Go Dot.com contest. - 5xmom is giving away 2 free one-year hostings and 7 domains. Closing date is 10th October, so don't procrastinate.

Since I have done up my "entry" for the contest, I will post it up anyway... whether I qualify or not. You are supposed to write one post of about 200 words on why you think blogging is beneficial. Make sure you read her blog post carefully so you understand the rules and criteria. Happy trying! Good luck!


I am a little blogger, only 3 years old
How did I start blogging?
This story must be told
I am here to stay, its not a passing thing

I started blogging in '04 September
Though I didn't know what its about
But then I can still remember
At the baby forum 5xmom gave a shout

To lets have fun blogging together
Now thats when I started having fun
To write about life or just the weather
I knew that the fun had just begun

We left comments on each other's sites
That motivated me to blog even more
I blogged through my days and nites
Now I'm hooked right to the core

Then she told us how to Make$ Money$
Blogging had suddenly taken a new twist
The timing was really uncanny
Blogging had slowed but this I could not resist

So blogging took on a new chapter
As I monetized my blog and learned new tricks
I learned to be an adapter
And so begun my new fix

Soon 5xmom said we should go Dot.com
If we wanted to give our blogs more value
It was as if she had dropped a bomb
It was hard work but then I did pursue

And now just as I am trying hard to slow down
She organised this contest on the benefits of blogging
But even as I begin to frown
My fingers begin typing

So what are the blogging benefits
There are so many I can't write them all
Its not just about traffic and getting hits
Its something that can really enthrall

Blogging is about love, laughter, tears and life
It makes me laugh, cry, rant and smile
To see how freely others share their strife
As they walk down life's mile after mile

It helps me focus and be more positive
About the things I want to achieve
It also helps me become more creative
Writing things down can really be a relieve

Our blogs are our virtual real estate
It grows with maintainance and good content
So how could I resist this free domain bait
I assure you 5xmom, your money will be well spent

I haven't written a poem in a long while but I enjoyed writing that. Hehe.


  1. *clap clap* MG, I love ur poem!! Good luck for the contest. I hope u win!! :)

  2. Love your poem. You are really good. All the best and hope you win.

  3. blur mommy, wmd,
    Thank you. I'm not sure if I am eligible or not but I just right for fun. I love to write poems but don't have much time to do so.


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