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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scenes in a Chinese School

Scene 1: The Homework Scenario

My sister related this to me recently. Here's what she said.

"...reminds me of the scene i witnessed last month at the school gate..a pretty little std 1 girl crying her heart out and refuse to go in the school cos she was holding her exercise book and trying to finish her homework.!. Another mother and I had to coax her :"dont cry,dont worry, write quickly, still got time!"

School, studying and learning should be fun, not feared.

Scene 2: Discipline with a Cane

I saw this myself when I was waiting to see a Chinese School principal to enquire about the school. 3 teachers standing around a little girl who was crying "I didn't do it! I didn't do it!" *Whack!* "You did it didn't you?!!" *Whack!*

If I was the little girl I would have said "I did it" eventually even if I didn't, from fear and intimidation.

Scene 3: Does not encourage thinking out of the box

A friend's son has homework to colour a car blue. He happily colours the car blue and the wheels black.

Answer: Wrong. Students are supposed to colour the car blue. (So the wheels should be blue too apparently) *rolls eyes*

These are actual, real scenes happening in our Chinese Schools and they are the reason why I continue to have misgivings about sending my child to one. Sigh...


  1. Well, I still think chinese school is the best place to send a child to. The kids are more hardworking, discipline and understand their responsibilities better than kids studying in kebangsaan school. Most importantly, they learn an extra language.

  2. Well, I'm sure they are more disciplined because of the homework/discipline drill they have to go through over six years. I was from kebangsaan school but I don't think I faired that badly in the hardworking, discipline and responsible department. Unfortunately things aren't the same anymore these days.. Sigh.

  3. I honestly agree. A friend of my hubby's told us that his son who is only 8, has nightmares at night about school and homework. He would wake up in the middle of the night for no reason cos he's afraid his teacher will beat him. For goodness sake, he is only 8!!! Also, another story, my friend's sister who sends her girl to chinese school, does homework until 11pm at night. Just too much homework and the poor girl is only 7.
    The funny thing is people continue to send their children to these school and they all have the same mentality "No choice, scared will lag behind since everyone is doing it". I really don't understand. The education in M'sia encourages rote learning. SOme kids can rise above it and do well in school and in life. But some can't. Parents of those "who can't" cannot accept the fact their child has limited or different capacity and they want to push them thinking thats the only way without assessing their child's ability and what they may be good at.

  4. shireen,
    Which school we send our children to is important but then equally important is parental support and guidance. With parental support and guidance hopefully, our kids will do well, whatever school we choose to send them to.

  5. hehe...I came back to see if there are any more comments but didn't expect your reply so soon. Again, I agree with you whole heartedly. There can never be enough encouragement and support from parents. Thats what is needed esp when they are young and growing up.

  6. Shireen,
    I happen to be online. Hehe. If I write a post on Friday. Sometimes I won't reply till Monday because weekend no time to look at blog. :)

  7. I totally agree that education supposed to be fun. In term of discipline and hardworking, it is more on personality and also parents' guidance..

  8. Mumsgather, one good way to enjoy fun learning in a Chinese medium school is to go to a "not-so-popular" Chinese school. Not only they wont have so much pressure, less homework too. It was a blessing that my fren's daughter got into one, when they failed to bribe the popular school and secure a place for their gal.

  9. Do teachers & principal have the right to cane your child? Children are suppose to learn at school and not to be discipline at school. Disciplinary is the parents duty. And yes, children are suppose to have fun instead of spending whole day at the study room doing homework. What kind of childhood do we want our child to look back on later in their life.

  10. hmm...i'm still thinking of sending them to chinese or english, but i'm almost 80% chinese liao..but probably to a less popular school, like what qiqi mommy mentioned

  11. MG, I think you know my view has always been, one extra language at what price?

    Using abuse to teach the importance of hard work, discipline and responsibility to kids? Whatever happened to child psychology, frankly I don't think they've heard of it LOL.

    I don't cane my kids, why should anyone else think they have the right to do that?!! Their entire approach is ridiculous.

    Very interesting observations, glad you got to see it first hand ;)

  12. channel,
    My kids love to learn now and ask to have their lessons all the time. I don't want that to change.

    mummy to qiqi,
    I went to a not so popular school but even then their register is always full (with Chinese as well as non-Chinese lining up to enter) making every Chinese school "popular" in that sense.

    Certainly not one with fear for figures of authority like teachers for example.

    I visited a "popular" school and I couldn't understand what made it so popular. It was really old and rundown. I'm told it was the sytem of churning out high achievers. No, I don't want my child to be a high achiever if thats what it takes.

    My husband says he wants to be involved in their learning process as we are now and sending them to a Chinese school means we can't because we don't know the language. We think its better that we send them to a less competitive environment and then we try to provide them with other areas of learning to make them an all rounded person. Dunno why we registered for Chinese school then. Hahaha. Must be because the first national school we visited was so poor and obviously lacking in quality that we got a culture shock. My mind was set to send them to National school so I had gone to register in one but after visiting the school I changed my mind. Now I'm still half hearted because sending them to this kind of environment is not waht I want either. Sigh.

  13. not only chinese school, national schools as well.

    Homework requires my daughter to color a car yellow. She did it and colored the windscreens a faint blue, very faint blue. The teacher crossed : WROOOOONG. Omigod


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