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Monday, June 09, 2008

Educational Field Trip for the Kids

During the school holidays, I tagged along with the kids on their school educational field trip. I had wanted my 4 year old boy to go with his sister but they told me that he needs a chaperone (me) since he was not a student of the school, is still young and they did not understand his temperament or his needs.

And so thats how I tagged along with the kids on their educational field trip. It was educational for me too. It was fun to ride on the bus for the first time together with the kids. They were delighted and thrilled. Not being able to see the driver from where we sat, my boy was amazed when the bus moved at first "Can move by itself!" he cried. Lol.

There were two buses that day. One was filled with teachers and kids ranging from 4-6. The other (the bus I was in) had younger kids (4 and below), parents as well as older kids (7-12). I must say that the older kids are very much harder to control compared to the younger kids. With the younger kids, just a loud tweet from the teacher's whistle brought everything to order. The older kids were more rowdy and less respectful of the teachers and the younger ones. They had with them expensive handphones and digital cameras too. (Kids these days!)

There were about 10 parents who had tagged along, most of them were slim fashionable mothers who wore fashionable shades and outfits and then there was me and even a brave father. Haha.

There was even a "tourist guide" on the bus urging the kids to sing and informing them of the schedule as well as telling them a little bit about the next place we were going to visit. I guess the "tourist guide" was useful but just like any other "tourist guide" I find that they talk too much. Sometimes I just like to look out the window peacefully without the endless droning of their voices.

Every stopover starts off with a toilet visit for the kids. I must say that the toilets are horrendously dirty. Bleargh.

Apart from that, the kids had a wonderful day and when they are happy, I am happy too. :)


  1. Almost the same here, MG.
    Really hard to find a good public toilet. Everytime my kids should take a school trip, I always worry about that thing.

  2. henny,
    I guess we just have to make sure they wash up real clean when they get home.


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