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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Preparing for Kindy Year End Concert

The kindy my daughter is attending has started preparing for the children's year end concert. Everyday I hear a little bit about it from my girl. At first the teacher told me that they were considering her for the English MC (Masters of Ceremonies) role. "She is very good in her English and she is one of the above average students", the teacher said naming two others as well.

My girl was very excited but I think they've given the role to someone else. Then she said "I don't want to sing solo" afraid that they would ask her to do that instead. The next day she said "The teachers asked everyone to hop here and there to choose who to dance at the concert. They didn't choose me" she added.

"Nevermind, don't be disappointed if they don't choose you. You still get to sing along together with the rest of your classmates in the group song." I told her. "Or maybe you can become a tree, like daddy." and we both giggled. Yesterday she came home and told me "The teacher said I will be conductor. What is a conductor?" (That may mean that she doesn't even get the chance to sing with her classmates and we may see only her back at the concert. Lol.)

I showed her some choirs with conductors on YouTube then told her. "The conductor is a very important person. It is the conductor who will give the confidence to the group to sing. The conductor's job is to guide the group and remind them of the words of the song, the actions and remind them to smile and keep to the timing of the song." I told her and that is the truth. I used to sing in school choirs and the conductors make a difference. Our conductor used to be our headmistress and she was very good. Of course its not really like that at kindy level but I was trying to make her feel positive about her role. "Are you happy about being conductor?" I asked her and she said "Yes." To me, it does not matter what role she plays as long as she is happy.

Anyway, I don't think I've heard the end of it yet......


  1. She holds a very important task in the concert….

  2. oh...she got interest in the show, very good! Some kids don't want to join at all!

    hehe...I was praying Wien teacher will not choose her to dance this year...you know, the costume we got to pay and it is so expensive! I rather she sing solo, coz I can prepare for her clothing,which is FOC though! LOL

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hmm, wouldn't the members of the choir (and so the conductor) also have to turn out in sharp (and matching) togs? Might cost you a pretty penny yet.

  5. channel,
    Very. Haha.

    Expensive costumes! Hmm... I hadn't thought of that.

    Oh and I thought I was broke from paying for the school holiday workshop and trip!

  6. I think the same thing goes to little kids (not only moms), they don't care what role they played as long as they could play with all their friends. Kids always think every role is important! That's the pleasure of being kids...:)


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