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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Impatient Mommy

MG: Don't come in the kitchen when I am cooking!

My Boy: Can I stand here? *runs to the corner of the kitchen*

MG: Huh? Ok. Can. Can.

My Boy: Don't say Can Can. Say Can.

Kids are very sensitive beings so we should always try to speak to them in a patient manner. They can always detect it when we are impatient or not really listening and will feel rejected and unhappy.

My kids are always trying to get me to repeat the things I say. "Mommy, say again. I did not hear." They would get very upset if I did not repeat myself. Its a call for attention.

Its hard to give them my full attention all the time but I guess I should really try if I want to avoid repeating myself throughout the day.

I wonder do your children get you to repeat yourself all the time and get upset when you don't or is it just my kids?


  1. mine ask WHY? WHy? Why? and each time i must give different answer or he will kick and fuss. How ah ?

  2. nope..not your kids only. my girl also sometimes wants me to repeat myself and if I dont, she will pout. hahaha...

  3. sasha,
    I oso dunno how. Haha.

    Oh good, I'm not alone then. :)

  4. No need to worry...
    Moms did it most of the times I think, hehe...everywhere in the world!

  5. ya mine also does the same LOL..they are like our guardian i guess, so that we constantly remind ourselves when we speak something

  6. henny,
    Hehe. Sure glad to know that its common everywhere.

    My girl is always telling me "You're so forgetful because you're old!" I said that to her once and its stuck!


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