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Monday, June 16, 2008

First time at the Movies

Yesterday we took the kids to the cinema for a show for the first time. It was the Kungfu Panda Movie. Taking the kids to the cinema for the first time is worth recording down in a blog. Their reactions are precious.

The little one said. "I'm scared. Why is it so dark? Whats all the lights doing up there? Why don't they switch on the lights? Why is it so long?" Hahaha. The older one just enjoyed it. We bought 4 tickets but by the end of the show we were only using 2 seats. Yup. The kids had crawled up onto our laps for the rest of the show. Haha.

We had just had lunch so we didn't get them snacks and drinks. Otherwise, I think they would enjoy it even more. Lol!

On the movie, I think the Panda looks rather cute. I like its facial expressions. When we got home, daddy searched YouTube for clips of the show and the little one was impressed. "How come daddy so strong and clever knows how to find it here" (on the computer)? Haha.


  1. Your kids are so cute... I know some kids actually cry in the cinema when the lights are off...

  2. mun,
    Thats because the older one is 6, old enough not to be afraid and to enjoy the show whereas the younger one is 4. We waited till his attention span is long enough to watch an entire show at home before bringing him to the movies. So that their very first time ever movie experience would be an enjoyable unforgettable one. Didn't want to have to deal with a crying kid trying to get out because of boredome. Hahaha.

  3. Until today, my boy still does not like the cinema. Though we have brought him there for a several time already, the last one was during my confinement, daddy bought the two kids out for a show, they left the cinema before the show started, coz he was wailing inside, afraid of dark. The sister was complaining about wasting money on buying the tickets. They ended up watching the show at home (pirated VCD) haha.

  4. I still dare not bring my boy to the cinema as he is only 3 year old.

  5. I have yet to bring my boys to cinema too! I so wanted to bring them to watch this kungfu panda,hmmmm...one day...i must try, and let them experience the BIG TV. hahahahhaha

  6. Wien very enjoy cinema movie, we start to bring her there when she is 5.

    But my small one will feel bore after less than an hour, i have to keep telling her what's the story all about, else she'll keep saying: I want to go home!!

    Too bad, with kids along, we only can watch cartoon series...sob sob...

  7. I remembered when the first time I took Ian to the cinema at aged 3. He slept as soon as the light off until the end of the movie! haha..

  8. elaine,
    The sister complain about waste money buying ticket ah. Good for you loh, can save money. Hahaha.

    If he can watch an entire tape without moving, then maybe can take him. Lol! My kids are used to watching show in the dark because we will have movie nights at home once a week when my hubby goes out. Then I will put on a tape for them, switch off the lights and sit with them and watch, just like in a cinema, only my TV is much, much smaller.

    Yah, I am sure they will enjoy the big TV. Hehe.

    Haha. Luckily I didn't have to narrate the story, otherwise the ppl next to me won't be very happy about that.

    Hahaha. He must have been very tired or perhaps the aircon and dim lights made it too cozy.

  9. the show was great..i went with the kids last weekend and my girl was so stuck to the screen and she laughed throughout the movie.

  10. my boys LOVED kungfu panda. :) The first time we took the Js to see ratoutoille (sp?), J1 liked it, j2.. not so sure.. they were 5 then. We would have taken the Js this year on their own but k loved the trailer so much. We thought we'd go as a family. Was a bit worried abt k (being 3 years old, though he THINKS he's 5) but other than covering his ears at first, he sat on daddy's lap and was very happy watching :) Not sure I'd do it as a regular thing, despite their love for all things comic book related, they arent suitable movies.

    we "practised" at home (no, I dont have a home theatre lol) by switching off lights while watching tv louder. Not sure if that was good or bad LOL

    Kids will surprise you huh? but I really enjoyed kungfu panda :)

  11. I also brought Ian to cinema when he is almost 4yo. Don't think the lil one (2yo) can go. She would cry all the time. :)

    Ian also enjoys movie a lot. But I only brought him once, cannot afford to go too often. LOL! Anyway, is a very good time - just the 2 of us!

  12. Kung Fu Panda is a fabulous first movie for kids. Enough action to keep them glued to the screen and the story is simple enough :D My niece who is 3 was taken to see Kung Fu Panda too, first movie experience. She laughed from start to finish. So cute to see :D

  13. jazzmint,
    The malay guy beside me was laughing harder than my kids. Haha.

    We practised too! Hehe.

    Yes, its rather expensive. Pirated tapes are cheaper. Haha.

    Hmm... it would seem that the Panda lured many first timers to the cinema. :)


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