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Friday, June 27, 2008

Teaching Kids About Manners, Good Habits and Safety

Reading about this mommy's panic gave me quite a scare and reminder to be mindful about the kids safety. (Not that I'm saying you are not mindful Moomykin. These things do happen). I remember once after we parked our car at the shopping mall. I was holding my boy's hand when he suddenly decided that he wanted to walk with his daddy instead. He pulled free and ran towards his daddy. There were oncoming cars and it gave me a shock and a big scare that he could suddenly run off towards an oncoming car without my being able to control him or stop him in time.

I think its time for me to take out the kids flashcards about Good Habits and Safety again. We have many books about manners and safety but I love these flashcards the most. I bought it at a local bookshop for RM10.90. It has 32 flashcards about manners and safety with pictures in front and words at the back.

My girl can read the words on her own but we will usually look at the pictures and discuss them together then I'd ask them what the pictures mean and they love to tell me. They just love a "discussion". They love to look at pictues and talk about them so these cards are perfect. They've got this "Don't accept gifts from strangers" so ingrained in them that once the girl questioned me on why we took the food sample handed out at the supermarket. I had a hard time explaining that one.

Whenever we cross the road together, we would play a little game or sing a song. "Look left, look right, no cars? Then we cross." So much so, that when I forget to stop, they would remind me. Hopefully these little things help. They may not be foolproof but give the kids more credit. They do remember the things we teach them and hopefully they remember it in times of need.


  1. Ya, when i go out alone with my boys, while crossing road i make sure they look left and right, make sure no car then only cross, now when they see the car coming, they will said, "mummy, car coming, stop." hahahah

  2. Not too long ago, I had an heart attack experience too. Usually both my kids are very well behaved, won't stray far and my boy usually would ask me to hold his hand, but don't know what happened the other day, I was out with 3 kids by myself. I have opened the car door for the kids to get into the car before I get in myself, but somehow (can't remember exactly how it happened) WH let free and wanted to go round the car wanted to get in from the other side himself. I parked at a busy street, imagine I have to run after him to pull him back and I was yelling and scolding him. The moment he ran out to the street, my heart lost a beat...is like what if he trips and fell and on going car can't stop on time and ran after him and a lot of others what ifs...

  3. Useful-looking set of cards.

    We're looking into making our own Learn-Your-ABC set, actually: Basically a board with 26 'doors' - one for every letter of the alphabet - designed so we can replace the object cards (eg drawing of a potato for 'P') from time to time.

    Mum's the artistic one.

  4. annie,
    Where safety is concerned, I think we should aim at sounding like a broken record. :)

    That must have been a heart stopping moment! My heart missed a few beats too at the car park.

    That sounds very interesting. ABC on a board is much better than ABC flashcards. ABC flashcards aren't so useful like the ones I featured above. They love these because we can talk about them. To them the ABC ones are meant for throwing about or pretending its money or anything but ABC flashcards.

  5. Those cards looked very useful. What is the exact title so that I can find it in the bookshop? By the way which bookshop to get it from? Tks.

  6. ya, so many bad ppl and i have to always hold my kids hands when we are out or keep an eye on them!
    where can i buy those flash cards? i am interested. can email me?

  7. Useful cards but just not in good quality.

  8. wmd,
    Its called Good Habits and Safety. You can just about see the box in my first pic up there. Hahaha. The box is yellow. I got it from MPH.

    Okie dokie.

    Quality is not important to me. The message is. Besides, if they're printed in beautiful colours on glossy paper, they'd cost much more. I'm el-cheapo!

  9. Hey....

    I think the flash cards on the strangers isn't realistic. Bcoz not all bad ppl actually look like bad people! The nicest looking ppl are the WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So..just remind ur kids that lor..!

  10. mott,
    Oh yes, I do remind them. The other day we were at a shopping mall and I saw a lady speaking with the kids. Later my girl told me "The lady asked if I was 6 years old and I just nodded because I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." Haha. I praised them for it but they both kept on insisting "But she's nice." so I went on with my lecture that some bad people look nice but they may have bad intentions. Blah blah blah. Hahaha.


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