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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Father's Farewell

I read about Randy Pausch on http://www.rd.com/children-parenting/. Randy is a distinguished professor of computer science, human-computer interaction, and design as well as founder of the Alice Project, which lets young students tell their stories in three dimensions (it's named for Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland).

Randy has pancreatic cancer and 3 children under 6. He is 47. He has been told that he has only a few months to live. Yet he is so full of life, so optimistic, living and loving every moment of it. How hard it must be for him yet how brave.

Reading his interview and an excerpt of his book called The Last Lecture made me think of my own mother (She died at age 46 leaving behind 5 children and a spouse) and it reminds me that Life is Short and full of unexpected challenges.

We should choose to spend our days in contentment with our loved ones and not sweat the small stuff. We can choose to be optimistic, happy and fill our days with love and live our life to the fullest instead of complaining about small everyday routines. We should look at the big picture and always remember that the people around us matter most of all. Give out love and you will receive it in return in manifold. Do you give out love to your children and to your spouse instead of grumbling about them all the time?

You can read Randy's interview with the Reader's Digest on http://www.rd.com/children-parenting/. I am happy to have discovered the Reader's Digest Online's Parenting Channel. It has many great reads for Parents of Young Children like me. I am going to bookmark it. You should too. Not only do I get Parenting Tips from it I also get blogging ideas.

Last but not least, to all the Father's who read this blog, I want to wish you all a very.......



  1. a&a'smom6:01 PM, June 10, 2008

    He came as a guest in the Oprah Show. After seeing that show , u will never look at life the same way again & I was in tears.

  2. U will never look at life the same way again.

    How true.

  3. Thanks for your post.
    Love and grateful are the 2 most important we should do every minutes in our life.
    Have you ever read 'the Secret'?Interesting !
    It had changed my point of view about life too.

  4. henny,
    You read an awful lot don't you? I've yet to read up on all those books you recommend!


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