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Monday, July 07, 2008

Adults Should Learn From Kids

I love to watch the kids at the kindy. When I take my girl to school, she would skip merrily to her friends when she sees them, they would call out to her, sometimes even hug her in delight, obviously and genuinely happy to see each other. They would run around playing hide and seek and various other games that kids play happily.

Its certainly much better than watching the adults. Much better than watching the dad who parks his car right in front of the school gates daily and smokes while waiting for his kid. Or that fashionable mum yakking on the handphone while her little two year old boy toddles around with his bolster and pampers. (Whatever is he doing in school anyway?) Or that lady who stops her car in the middle of the road blocking all traffic while she cooly walks her kid to the gates, kisses her goodbye and sloooowly strolls back to her car.

I think the adults should observe the kids behaviour and learn a thing or two from them!


  1. if we adult thinking like children we will behave like children. That's the matter of growing and changing from a kid to an adult. We learn about responsible and stuff, and if we still think like kid, act like kid, we're still kid. I hope you get what I mean.

  2. Lesson we learned when we were kids, is where we were today! Don't run from the truth!

  3. superman,
    Responsibility does not mean you park your car in front of the kindy gates like it is your own house nor does it mean the selfish act of blocking all traffic by stopping in the middle of the road to drop your kid.


  4. I believe what you are saying is not that we should act like kids - silly and playful. But rather, we should emulate their spirit of friendship. Plus, they are so quick to make friends. For example, my DH's cousin from Australia came for a visit. She brought her children with her. My son immediately kicked it off with her son. When they were leaving, my son wanted to give his favorite toy sword to his new found best friend. Can adults make best friends in less than an hour?

  5. lian,
    Oh at last, someone knows what I was trying to say. Haha. And its not just about friendships either. Its about forgiveness and a lightheartedness that we have forgotten.

  6. MG,
    there's onething we often 'forget' too: the attitude of easy going and relaxed like a child. Always take seriously in almost everyway, no matter what! :b

  7. ok about the skipping and hugging each other, we do it to our spouse and kiddo enuff edi. Dun go skipping and hugging everyone! haha

    yeah true, i see some ppl smoking, talking and cursing and that WOMAN/MAN stopping the car right in the middle of nowhere and slowly walk the kiddo to the gate and kiss and hug and say whatever (its like forever) while other wait for them to drive the car away. Aiyoh very inconsiderate!

  8. henny,
    We have gotten weighed down by our worries.

    Yes, very inconsiderate indeed. Walk so slooooowly sumore.

  9. true, we adults have forgotten how its like to be carefree. It is always a pleasing to the eyes to see the innocence of children.


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