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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mummy I don't want to eat fish

Last night at dinner my boy said this.. (I cooked steamed fish for dinner by the way)

"Mummy, I don't want to eat the fish. I want to see the fish swimming. I don't want to see it like this on the plate. Mummy, please don't eat the bones. I want to see the whole fish! Mummy, I want the fish swimming! Can you give me a fish so I can see it swimming and put it on my bed on my blanket? Can I have a whale?"

When I told him that a whale was too big, he then said...

"Can I have the whale on a big plate then.... but I want to see it swimming."

His sister added...

"You will need a big bowl then because fish needs water. Mummy, can we have a fish to put in a bowl in the middle of our bed between us?"

And what did mummy MG say?

"Can we all stop talking about fish so we can finish our dinner? Here eat this pork instead."

Fortunately they didn't start the conversation about the pig being killed and I manage to finish the rest of my meal feeling a bit guilty about the dead fish on my plate. KIDS!

Another food related tale:

After lunch my boy said, "Mummy, when I eat, all the food go down my body to my feet and then it will push and push and make me grow taller." (probably in response to our always telling him to eat up his food so that he will grow tall and strong). Looks like another science lesson is in order. Lol.


  1. hahaha. kids say the funniest things...

  2. Mummy, I can have a pig inside my blanket? I want to see the pig eating and sleeping.

    LOL... I bet they don't even dare to walk near to a whale. So did you explain those stuff to them after the dinner? I hope your kids understand that we can't afford to have a whale in our house.

  3. little lamb,
    Its fun to have them around isn't it?

    I told them that I would show them pictures of the real big whale but I haven't gotten round to it yet. :P

  4. such a bright little boy. how old is he? this might call for another story like 'The Snail and The Whale'. maybe a story of 'The Pig and The Fish'.

  5. rani,
    I searched google images and showed them the size of a whale compared to people so they would get an idea. Then they wanted to look at dolphins and goldfish and....

  6. Kids say the darnest things. Your boy sounds like a smart kid.


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