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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Home schooling requires great commitment, patience and planning

I can't believe that my one year online subscription with BetterChinese.com (this is a site that promotes Learning Chinese through stories) is almost coming to an end. What have I done? Almost nothing, accept look at it with my girl or let her explore on her own in a non-structured way.

This Teaching Kids Chinese site is very structured with lessons that are well planned out. Its got accompanying books and CD-ROMS, audio CDs, DVDs and games etc as supplementary materials to aid teaching. They all have the same theme as the online version so it aids memory and provide fun for the learner. I haven't got those, although I would love to have the whole set!

All, I've got is the online subscription. And thats coming to an end now. And I'm sad to say that I did not have the commitment and patience to sit and go through all the lessons step by step with the girl. We skipped steps and looked at the lessons in a non-structured manner. Of course it has helped even then but it would have been much much better if I had been more commited. :(

Anyway, I shall come back to look at all the products again (probably the supplementary materials instead of the online one this time) if I send my girl to Chinese School. And this time, hopefully, I will be more committed and have more patience.


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  2. Not only commitment, patience and planning, but also a GREAT self discipline from the mom.I often think about moms who had chosen 'homeschooling' with their kids: how awesome they are!
    Sometimes I want to visit their home and go through the lessons with them, just wanna see and feel the 'learning' ambience they have. It's a pity I don't have any closed friend who're doing homeschooling project.

  3. GREAT self discipline indeed! I really admire those who can do it!

  4. Hahah. This reminds me that I haven't been utilizing much my subscription to http://enchantedlearning.com. Better go download some stuff today :)

  5. lian,
    Hahaha. You better then!

  6. haiyoh..what am i doing? i left a comment and forgot to tell u.
    You got an award !



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