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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Starting Piano Class at age 6

I wasn't sure what is a good age to start a kid on piano classes but since there is a piano in the house and she shows keen interest, we've started my girl on piano classes. Before this I heard from some people that its no good to start them off too young because their fingers may still be developing. So of course I started worrying about damaging young fingers etc. Hehe.

I asked my piano teacher to have a look at her fingers and her verdict was she is ready. And so that is why we're starting her now at age 6. My girl was very excited and happy about her class. After her first class she had this to say....

"Mummy, now that I have 2 classes (she means kindy and piano), I don't know if I can manage it."

I asked her what she meant and she said....

"Because now I don't have time to play at all. The whole day already I still don't have time to play!"

Hahaha. I was surprised on her usage of the word "manage" but she is absolutely right of course and that is why both hubby and I have agreed from the start that we will not be sending our kids to all the extra curriculum classes like swimming, taekwando, ballet, art, gym, speech and drama etc etc. At the most, piano. That is all. Where will they have the time to fit it all in? Oh and not forgetting tuition. We will only send for tuition if it is absolutely necessary for example if she can't catch up on the Chinese classes (that is if we are sending her to Chinese school which we still have not decided).

My piano classes is at music as well as a tuition center. I cringe everytime I see the little kids lugging their big heavy "luggages" up and down the stairs for their tuition at about 7.00pm. Most of them are still in their school uniforms. What? I'm thinking to myself? Don't they at least get to go home to have a bath, a proper meal and a rest? Their parents will come to pick them up from the tuition center after work in the evening. And the poor kids are still in their uniforms and carrying their heavy school bags. Gosh. Thats awful! So, no. No extra curriculum or tuition unless absolutely necessary for my kids. Maybe my kids won't be all rounded individuals who are good in the arts and crafts and physical activities like gym and swimming etc but at least they'll have some time to play.


  1. hi mg,
    do the piano class only if yr daughter likes it. sometimes it may be initial fun only..

    cos i hated my piano lessons :(

  2. littlelamb,
    I don't believe in forcing my kids to do/eat things they dislike. I try to be sensitive to them and listen to them altho at times they need a gentle push in the general direction. :)

  3. a&a'smom1:05 PM, July 03, 2008

    Ya very true! That's why I teach them myself so no need tuition. They get to play football every evening or cycle. Whenever they r not focusing while I'm teaching, all I have to do is to threathen them that I'll be sending to tuition & they pay attention, LOL!

  4. a&a'smom,
    Sometimes I see tuition centers as a convenient place to put your child or have someone help them with their homework when you're too busy to do it yourself which is a bit sad.

  5. a relative of us who is a piano teacher said 6 yrs old is the best age to start piano...
    ya, too many curiculum for kids, only weekends they can play..

  6. Yes, I agree not to 'push' our kids to join many extra curicullum , unless they asked. Sometimes we just fulfill our own obsessions when we're in kids period. My 2 kids started to join music classes (piano & violin) when they're at 4th and 5th grade.

  7. I wonder with the world growing at such a fast pace, what would happen 20 years time when our children need to compete with all the all rounded individuals in a global competition, with rising cost and competitive wages. Would they have wanted to learn much more when they were younger?

    Fortunately, I have 5 more years to decide these things over and decide whether I want to be back to Malaysia. Piano classes are actually not so common in many other countries though - not even Japan. (At least not in the same proportions we Malaysian parents send our kids to classes).


  8. wen,
    Thats great then. Hope that her interest stays after age 6. Haha.

    Our own obsession and own goals too eh?

    My take is, they can always take up whatever they want to as young adults or as adults. Its never too late. They'd be better guided by their own preferences by then and hopefully, we'd have done our jobs by providing them with all the security, confidence etc to pursue whatever it is they set out to do.


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