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Friday, July 04, 2008

Sometimes having kids around makes you feel like becoming a vegan

The kids have a really simple view of life and are just learning about things around them. I read to them little science books about "living things" and "non living things". They learn about plants and animals, etc.

Then during meals, they discuss about how the chicken "die already" before you can eat it. (Overheard my girl telling my boy).

I was working in the kitchen when my boy saw some utensils with pictures of cows on them. "Mummy, this one can cook cow." Yes, I said. "Cow's meat is called beef. We can buy it in the supermarket." "But how do you buy it from the supermarket? The cow is so big. Do you have to walk slowly?"

Errrmmm how do I explain to him that the cow has to be slaughtered first?

The children sometimes makes me feel really cruel eating meat.


  1. I really think if we all actually knew what happened in slaughterhouses there would be a whole lot more vegetarians around.

    I recommend watching Earthlings, it definitely opened up my eyes, although I still eat meat sometimes at least I know every time I sit down to eat it how it ended up on my plate.

  2. tinytapir,
    Oh dearie me. Its awful isn't it?

  3. I've noticed that eating the chicken or cow "that have already died" confuses me much more than my child. She just takes it as is... May be I've never mentioned that they don't die by themselves, but are killed by human:( I don't know how would I explain this and, frankly, I hope she'd never ask.

  4. i never told my girl, chu yoke is from pig...all she thinks is chu yoke is a food...but i think she got quite a scare when i took her to the wet market and she saw all the pork there

  5. I remember when I was a kid, I didn't want to eat chicken for a quite long period after I went along to the traditional market with my mom and saw how they 'killed' the chicken. It was really awful to my eyes.

  6. It's difficult to explain to the kids but I told them we should be grateful to the animals besides parents and food producers and food providers, cos the animals sacrifice their lives for us to eat, to help us grow.

  7. polina,
    lol! You're sounding confused there.

    Chu Yoke is only one of them. Theres beef and chicken too! :P

    Yes, its awful. As a child we occassionally had life chickens given to us and dad would do the slaughering part. Aaarrgh. while mum would blanch it and we'd help her pluck out the feathers. Gosh. Thats awful to remember now that you've mentioned it.

    Thats a good start.

  8. When I was younger I was traumatised by the slaughtering of chicken. My mom tried to do it at home..and needless to say, we had a half dead chicken with gory blood spewing all over the compound. That kinda trauma stuck on me till today. I could never eat anything after witnessing the kill. I love my meat..as long as they are killed right in front of me. So, I wouldn't suggest letting the kids view the killing part.

  9. vien,
    I agree with you. Better not see the killing part!

  10. that is so cutely put "die already". Kids can be so innocently quirky in their daily chatter.


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