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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How do you explain "Dreams" and "Dreaming" to your child?

I had this funny conversation with my boy last night?

My Boy: Mummy, can you see the round round thing and the bubble on top of my head when I dream?

MG: Haha. No I can't see it.

My Boy: But where is it. Is the bubble up up up so very high?

MG: Your dream is in your head so we can't see it. Thats why they draw those bubbles in the cartoon to show us that they are dreaming. Otherwise we won't know that they are dreaming.

Not a very fantastic explanation but it'll do for the time being. Haha. How do you explain dreams or the concept of dreaming to your child?


  1. I'll explain exactly what it is. We have two thoughts. One conscious and one subconscious. During the day we think using our conscious thoughts. At night, we dream with our subconscious thoughts. So sometimes if we're happy, our dreams are happy. If we're scared, our dreams will be scary...and so on.

    Simple enough that a child can grasp it.

  2. kamigoroshi,
    Then I'll get this....
    "Mummy, what is subconcious?"
    "Mummy, how come we can have thoughts when we are subconcious?"
    "Mummy how come we have subconcious thoughts at night and not during the day?"
    and so on and so forth. It never ends. Hahaha.

  3. haha...really funny conversation.
    My kids never tell me their dream with those'round things and bubbles'. Gee.. I just aware my kids almost never had dreams. LOL!

  4. Isn't that the beauty of it? That kind of thing can help you bond with your kid right? Point them in the right direction. I'm one of those kids that never stopped asking questions. My parents never really answered them, so I looked for them myself. Probably why I'm not close to my parents for a long time.

    Of course...I'm also a scientist and I spend some days answering questions from students. So I'm probably used to people asking questions like that.

    "Why? Why? Whyyyyyyy!!" Hehe.

  5. henny,
    My girl usually tells me her dreams and they are all quite funny. Hehe.

    Yes, I agree with you that thats the way of teaching kids but sometimes it can be reaaaallll tiring explaining things to a 4-6 year old. Haha. Nevertheless I try and we are very close and I hope that we will stay close when they grow up. I believe that one must work on communication and being close to the children right from the time when they are very young. It may be too late to start later so thanks for the reminder :)

  6. funny revelation this morning ... sam wakes up and tells me all about her dreams she had during the night (like she does most mornings) then she follows with " Mommy sometimes I go into my dreams and I cant get out I dont Know how to get back home"..... Wow , I have never looked at how children perceive their dreams till just this morning . How scary it must be for them.


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