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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Di Zi Gui (弟子规)

Earlier this week my girl brought home a book on Di Zi Gui (弟子规) and said "My teacher read from the book but I didn't understand what she was saying. I couldn't follow and didn't know which page she was at. Can you tell me what this book is about, mummy? Teacher has asked me to bring this book to school everyday."

I took a look at the book and was totally lost because it contained very difficult words. So, this clueless but resourceful mummy (Ahem -since resources are plentiful on the web) searched the internet and found the following useful explanation about Di Zi Gui to keep here for easy reference as well as to share with other parents.


  1. Hi there, Nicole has learnt Di Zi Gui too, not in school but partially with me when I was full time mum then. It takes a lot of perseverance to get a young one to enjoy "reciting" it. Keep it up!

  2. My girl is learning Lun Yu every morning for 10 mins.

  3. Contentedmom,
    I'm afraid she won't understand what she is reciting because the language is quite deep. :)

    Princess Geraldine's Mummy,
    I had to google Lun Yu to find out what it was. Hahaha. My goodness. Learning 499 sayings of Confucius at this age? Thats amazing.

  4. Yes, Di Zi Gui wording are deep but very meaningful. A very good way to discipline our kids, of course have to understand the meaning first before they can discipline themself. LOL

    oh ya, i get them recite the Di Zi Gui via song first. Now they can recite pretty good, but not really understand the meaning. Still need more time to let them digest lar!

    MG, now u can learn together with your girl! :)

  5. Jesslyn,
    Eh, got song some more ah.

  6. OMIGOSH...I am so not sending my kids to chinese school now. So stress....for me!!!

    Way to go resourceful mummy!

  7. I personally find these very good. Moral values of people nowadays going down drain edi. This is something that I am glad that my daughter is learning in school. I once heard fr a person who advocate reading "Chinese Jing" told that it is alright if the kid who recite does not fully understand what it means - we can explain to them the basic. As they grow up and with all the encounters they have, they will slowly understand what the verse they memorised means and how it applies to life and how they can use them. Thanks a lot for the links. It has been useful for me.

  8. Ann,
    Hahaha. That may be the right decision.

    She doesn't know what she is reciting and I have no time to learn and teach. Just doing homework takes up all of our time. Haha.

  9. if you come across this blog..i notice that, a lot of readers here thought that by reading dizi gui or reciting is only for children..it is also meant for adults because we were kids too. Di zi gui not only talks about filial piety but also about managing ourseleves in terms of our habits, because bad habits make us bad parents and bad parents means ...( you fill the answer yourself)


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