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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Her class teacher

After hubby told her class teacher that my girl is afraid of her, I think the class teacher has been trying a different approach with my girl. My girl told me that her class teacher told her that she has to scold everyone because she needs to control the class. She also asked my girl "Do you still like me?" According to my girl, she said "Yes."

When I said "Thats great, now you like your class teacher" she said "No" Hahaha. Yesterday, I asked her the same question "Do you like your class teacher?" She said "I will never like her but now I like her a little bit only. She is my class teacher mah."

And when the class teacher is fierce and scolds the entire class, she does not take it personally anymore. She says "She scolds because she is a teacher mah."

Her class teacher has also been giving her little jobs. Eg: To clean the whiteboard, To carry up the homework to her desk in the staff room. My girl feels happy to do these jobs. I guess it makes her feel involved. Perhaps, her class teacher has found the right button to push for my girl.

She still feels that school is "long" especially when she has one hour lessons but each day I try to get her to look forward to certain subjects eg. "Hey today is Wednesday, you have Art Class, isn't that great?" or "Its Thursday, you have computer class today!" This way she has things to look forward to instead of dreading class and lessons.

Perhaps we may have been wrong about her class teacher. We had found her rather hard to approach and difficult to talk to at first. We decided to give her the benefit of doubt. And it looks like she is not that bad after all.


  1. Glad things are working well...
    Good too that the teacher is willing to change her approcah towards your daughter.

  2. It's good to have spoken to the teacher and that the teacher is willing to listen. Hope things will move on to the better for your girl soon.

  3. Ann,
    Still keeping my fingers crossed everyday.

    When we have school going kids, we have to learn how to be thick skinned and speak to the teachers when we feel necessary. Hahaha.

  4. Hope ur girl like the class teacher soon. :)

    Some kid will feel proud if given some task to do, they will feel they are at least involved, i think when i'm a kid i also have same feeling. :) Not to mention kid, sometime adult too! hahhahahaha, i mean at the work place. :)

  5. It's good that you talk to the teacher and clear the air. Hope your girl will like her teacher soon! :)

    Ha..Damien enjoys doing little tasts for the teacher too! :)

  6. Annie Q,
    Haha. Yes, even adult at the workplace.

    She says she will never like her teacher wor.


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