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Friday, February 13, 2009

Singing for Charity

The kindy teacher told me that my boy has been selected to sing in a project for charity. 16 of them were selected to sing together. The teacher told me that they were selected based on good behaviour, not on talent. Hahaha. I guess it will be easier to control the kids when they are out. "But you have to pay for the costumes" she added. Thats not new.

I think my boy will be really thrilled. End of last year, he had followed me to the kindy to watch his sister practise for her year end concert. Ever since then, he has wanted to perform in a concert. Hahaha.

Sometimes, he would ask me to watch his "concert" (assembly) in the mornings. lol. He just can't wait to perform. Now, he'll get his chance and not be a shadow to his cheh cheh. :)


  1. i am sure ur boy will be thrilled! :)

    thanks for droppig by my blog, i'll add u onto my blogroll, cheers!

  2. Is it going to be his first time in performing? He must be very happy and count down the day. Mom should 'take care' his good mood then :)
    Good luck!

  3. Kristie,
    Yes, he is thrilled. Yesterday he came home and showed me some dance steps he had learned.

    Haha. Usually, he is in a good mood but must take care of his health to make sure he does not fall sick.


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