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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Talking to your Child About School

I found these great articles about how to talk to your child about school that I'd like to share here.

  • From PBS Parents : Talking with Kids about School. This one doesn't have all the text in one page which I prefer, so you'd have to scroll patiently from one page to the next. Still its worth the scrolling :) as the article contains some really useful tips including Talking Strategies and Questions that Work, which I tried out. I'll share them in a while but first here's another site, I'd like to share with parents of school going kids.

  • From SchoolFamily.com : Have a Conversation about School. The article shares how you can get beyond one word answers and find out what your child really thinks and feels about school. I also like this list of Talking About School Articles from SchoolFamily.com. I haven't had the chance to read all of them yet but it looks like a great list and I'll check back on it regularly to read when I come across new challenges with my school going kid. In the meantime, here's an article that is relevant to this post so I'll put the link in here: 20 questions to ask your child.

After reading the articles above, I tried a new strategy of talking to my girl. Instead of asking her "How was school today?" as I often do as soon as I see her or in the car or during lunch. I try not to do that since it usually gets me general answers like "A bit nice" or "A bit not nice" and if I probe more, she'll go "I can't remember. Everyday school is the same. I can't remember.".

I can read my girl pretty well, so when she goes "A bit nice" or "A bit not nice" I can tell generally how her school day went but it doesn't tell me more than that. So now, I will ask her more specific questions when I have the chance during the day (instead of right away), perhaps while packing her bag together etc.

Yesterday I tried "What was the most not nice part of your day?" and "What was the best part of your day?" and the answer I received? "The most not nice part was when teacher scolded everyone." "The most nice part was going home!" Hahahahaha. We both had a good laugh about that answer and decided that if I asked her that same question everyday, the answer would most probably be the same. lol.


  1. Haha..I was laughing when I saw the answers too..your girl is so cute!

    Thanks for sharing the link. I'll ask Damien what's his nicest and not so nice part of school today! :)

  2. It makes me smile to read your chatting with the girl about school. I'll ask the same to Ian today.
    thanks for the links, MG!

  3. glad to find your blog thru sasha's blog.my girl also going to standard one this year,she used to like school life but not anymore cause need to do homework everyday and time chasing cause she is slow in everything ,taking her own sweet time.sometime i pity the children nowsaday but luckily i can guide her schoolwork in mandarin.

  4. blurblur,
    I'm curious to know what was his reply.

    So what did Ian say?

    Patsy Lo,
    Hi. Welcome to my blog. My girl is also the slow coach type. :)


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