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Thursday, February 12, 2009

School bags and school time table

School Bag

We waited till school was in session for about 2 weeks to see the actual situation at school before deciding whether to get a stroller bag or a back pack for my girl. Eventually we got her, her hearts desire, a stroller bag.

At the point when we were buying the bag, she said "I like the stroller bag but if mummy and daddy say I must have the back pack then I will take that." but her face changed when we pointed to the back pack. Hahaha. We got her the stroller back because I think its only once in your life that you are seven years old and yearn to have a stroller bag so much. lol.

I am very glad we did because her class is on the ground floor. There are no stairs to navigate so the stroller bag works perfectly to take the weight off her back. There is a long corridor which leads to her classroom. She loves to run on the corridor with her stroller bag trailing behind her. She loves her bag very much.

School Time Table

Each evening, I will get my girl to pack her own school bag. I don't pack her school bag for her because she has to learn to do things on her own and accept responsibility for her own things. She actually enjoys this activity.

We will sit together while she takes out her time table. I ask her what day tomorrow is. After we have established that, I ask her to pack her bag according to her timetable. In addition to whats on the timetable for the next day, she also has to remember to bring all the homework that she has done each day for handing up the next day.

Sometimes I leave her to pack on her own and tell her that I will come back later to help her check. Sometimes I sit and watch her do it. She has to remember what text book, activity books and exercise books to bring and how she wants to put it in her bag so that she will not have a hard time finding it when teacher asks them to bring their books out. (The first time teacher asked them to take their books out, she couldn't find her book and cried out of fear.) There can be as many as half a dozen book to bring for a subject. Its crazy.

She doesn't have a locker in school but teacher has said that its ok for them to leave their books in their desks but she doesn't want to do this because she is afraid that she will forget. So each day, she brings back all her books and brings them back to school the next day. I don't blame her for even I would forget. It can be confusing deciding which books to bring!

I am glad we bought the trolley bag. It serves our circumstances well.


  1. tag for u: http://kristieblog.blogspot.com/2009/02/google-kristies-needs.html

  2. haha.yea. What is it about stroller bag that attract kids so much? Every kid I know wants one when they start school. Even 3 year old Ashley wants a stroller bag for kindy cos she saw her chieh chieh and other schoolkids pulling them along the school corridors. And all she has in her stroller bag is just her bento box, her water bottle and her comb and hairclip purse for daycare.haha.

  3. Kristie,
    Thanks for the cute tag.

    Haha. The smaller stroller bags are really cute. :)

  4. i am prepared for a trolley bag for my son when he goes std 1 next yr.


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