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Friday, February 06, 2009

Fierce Teachers

Yesterday, my girl came home and told me that her class teacher had called her up to the front of the class and asked her why she was crying. I was surprised because she did not cry before leaving the house. She informed the teacher that she was crying because the boy sitting beside her wanted to borrow her pencil some time ago but she was afraid to do so because teacher will scold.

My girl said that she was confused because teacher had said they could not lend or borrow stationaries from each other but when she refused to lend her stuff the other students insisted that she was wrong.

Teacher then called the boy up to the front and asked him to show his pencil case. Teacher then scolded him for having only one pencil (they are required to have 5) and asked him to go back to his seat. Then she asked my girl to switch places with another girl and asked the boy not to borrow pencils from this girl as well. Alamak! I hope that she has not made a new enemy. lol. I asked her whether the boy was unhappy that she had told teacher but she said no.

Well,.... that was her side of the story.......

This morning when hubby sent my girl to school, her class teacher approached him and told him that my girl has been crying quite a lot in class and each time she asked her why, she said "Dunno". So yesterday, she insisted that she must tell her why. (I guess thats why she told teacher about the borrowing pencil story but I think that is only one of the reasons why she is unhappy). Teacher said that each time she will say loudly "Don't cry." to stop her from crying. Aiyoyo.

Anyway, teacher said that she gave her a task to do, to clean the whiteboard at the end of the day and she saw that she was happier by the end of the day (which kid isn't happy at the end of the day? :) Usually, I see the crying ones happy, smiling and running out when school's out.) and hubby informed teacher that my girl was afraid of her. Hahaha.

My girl said that all the teachers are very fierce and she is afraid of them all. She said that her English teacher has started carrying a rotan to class with him. This is so different from the preschool environment she was used to where she had very good rapport with the teachers and asked them questions regularly etc.

I told her that she will have to go to school no matter what (because school is where you go to learn lots of things) and she can choose to be happy or sad. So, why not chooose to be happy and think about the happy things about school that she likes? Think about the new friends she is making, the new things she is learning, the new books she is getting (she loves books) and the new lessons she is having? Why not choose to be happy? I don't think its too early to teach a child how to think positively. :)

I told her that teacher has to be fierce in order to control the whole class all 42 of them, so many. I told her that teacher must make sure that the naughty boys in class do not bully nice girls like you. Teacher has a very hard job to do don't you think? Imagine if you are teacher. Don't you think you have to be fierce too to make sure that all the students are paying attention? Teaching her about emphathy.

I can see that my girl is stressed out and very anxious. I told her to forget it after a while when teacher scolds the same way you always forget it after mummy scolds you. Hahaha. I am worried that she is getting over anxious and I am trying to tell her not to take everything too seriously but I am not quite sure how to tell her. Hmmm... Yesterday she kept on wanting to check her bag again and again to make sure that she has not forgotten to finish or missed out on any homework, she wanted to make sure that she has brought her scissors to school because teacher said must bring etc etc.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes from here.....


  1. This help ur girl to be more responsible in a stressful way...Anyway,You r such a caring mom..

  2. Perhaps you can tell her that as long as she is not doing anything wrong, there is no need to be afraid of the teacher.

  3. Sometimes,time can be the medicine. With your advice & given some time, she may be able to take school from a better perspective.

    Who would not feel scared being called to the front to be questioned by a teacher??

    Luckily she has a mom like you to support her.

    It's easier for us to tell & explain to them this & that, but it still takes time for them to grasp fully what we meant. Sometimes they were unsure themselves whether they have done right or wrong. And therefore they fear and cry when they feel helpless. That's what I feel for my girl. A lot of time this happen when she doesn't know how to react to a situation/feeling.

    The other day i explained something to her, she answered back "It's easy for you, but it's so difficult for me you know!" It reminds me to put myself in her shoe and look from the naive perspective of hers as well.

    Tot that as they grow up I'll be more senang......haiz....

  4. Pinky Dog,
    Well, she hasn't lost any pencils yet this year compared to her kindy year where she kept on coming home with missing items. Hahaha.

    Oh I've told her that about a hundred times. lol.

    "It's easier for us to tell & explain to them this & that, but it still takes time for them to grasp fully what we meant. Sometimes they were unsure themselves whether they have done right or wrong. And therefore they fear and cry when they feel helpless."

    You have put that so well. Yes, we can't expect them to understand what we are trying to explain to them and only time and the experience of discovery for themselves will really help them to deal with situations in school.

  5. Hope your girl could be friends or at least have a nice relationship with her teacher next month!

  6. It is sad that the teachers in school use 1 method to discipline ALL students. Some kids need to be scolded and intimidated to obey, some do not and I think by doing so, they are adding stress to those students who are by nature, more well behaved and sensitive, such as your girl.
    Hope your girl will cope better and I think knowing that daddy and mummy is on her side will help.

  7. henny,
    Well, I do hope so too.

    You are right. Different strokes for different folks.


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