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Friday, August 21, 2009

My Mother Said......

My girl told me that the girl sitting near her puts her bag in such a way that when she stretches out her leg, she kicks it. So, the girl told her.......

"If you kick my bag, you watch it!"

I told my girl to stop kicking the other girl's bag. "If it is in your way, use your hands to gently push it out of the way. How would you like it if someone kicked your bag?"

She agreed that she would not like it. However, I told her that her friend was wrong as well. She should not talk in that manner. What she should have said was.... "Please don't kick my bag. You will spoil it."

My girl told me the girl said "My mother said one....."

I sincerely hope her mother didn't teach her to say "You watch out/it!"


  1. Oooohh....vicious!!! Some parents don't really teach manners these days do they?


  2. What kind of mother is she...we, parents really have to give a good example to our child...so sad to hear that!

  3. Ann,
    I think we have to be careful what we say to the kids always.

    Princess Geraldine's mummy,
    I don't know. Maybe she was just trying to teach her daughter to "fight back" to prevent from being bullied. Trying to give her the benefit of a doubt here. However, there is no way that the other girl could be bullied by my girl in this case. My girl is shy and timid whereas the other girl looks much more confident and bold.

  4. O_o, I always say that to my stubborn #2 coz she never listens to what I say! I hope my #2 won't say that to her friends!

  5. may be the mom did not teach her to say that, but often scold her in such a way, so she pick up ... from my kids, i oso can see they pick a lot of not-so-good things from my daily "scoldings". And I picked from my errmmm.... hahaha!

  6. hmm..sometimes when I (or we?) really really mad mixed with tired, then we could say something rude to our kids unconscious. The very bad thing is... after that we even forgot ever had say it!


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