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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Parenting Challenges

I find that there are more and more parenting challenges to face when the kids go to school. Each day, I have a new set of problems to deal with.

"Mummy, today we were taking photos and the boy standing behind me vomitted all over my hair and clothes. Teacher gave me another uniform to wear but she says I must return it tomorrow." (I found her hair ribbon and net all torn and smelly. The boy's mother who happened to be around had helped her to "wash" her hair. She must have felt so bad and tried to clean the ribbon thoroughly ...till it tore. The girl smelt of vomit. Poor girl. She had to go around like that for a few hours.

"Mrs. MG, I think you need to know that your boy has been scratching his private part in class." (Alamak. The boy has this unconcious gesture of scratching there whenever he is feeling self concious and attention is on him.)

"Mummy, the naughty boy took my pencils and he almost poked my eye with it."

"Mummy, today, I climbed on the wall."

"Mummy, today, I looked at the boy behind me and he complained to teacher that I was trying to copy his test paper."

"Mrs. MG, I'm sorry, I couldn't stop him from crying. We were trying to play a clapping game and he couldn't clap in time with the rest, then he put his face down on the table and started to cry and we couldn't pujuk him no matter how we tried." (On that particular day the boy had been crying very hard when I went to pick him up. Usually he is laughing and smiling.)

And the list goes on........ Each day I hear something new.....


  1. hahaha....some you want to laugh, some you really feel for the child!

    2 way story time sure sounds interesting!

  2. hahaha...that's the way mom to be! Our ears just like 'big big container' for everything to hear :D

  3. not easy to be a parent now...
    but it does sound interesting also har har...

  4. poor gal, muz be really stinky... how did her classmate vomit till like that? Kids really say the darnest things... like this morning, while my husband was changing, my eldest daughter went into the room and told him 'papa i can see your 'bird bird'.....' I overheard it from the bathroom and started to laugh... hahha...

    Oh pls call me May will do. Thanks :)

  5. Ann,
    Some makes you laugh, some makes you worried. We alternate between laugh and worry like siao char boh.

    Haha. Funny the way you put it.

    Interesting when its not happening to you. Hahaha.

    Her classmate was sick and his mum had come to take him home but they decided to have the class photo taken first. My girl was on the first row, he was on the 3rd. He had a projectile vomit which missed the second row but hit her from behind on her head. lol.

  6. hahahaha...it's not easy to be a parent eh? i have to ask the teacher about ashley's behaviour :D

  7. mommy to chumsy,
    No news is good news, thats what the primary 1 teacher told us during orientation. :)


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