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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Raising a Musical Child

It is very easy to raise a musical child. Music is everywhere. There is no need to send your child to expensive music lessons. I noticed that parents these days are sending their children to music appreciation classes at a younger and younger age. Not that its anything bad. Most of these classes require parent participation too if your child is very young, so its another way to bond with your child as well as other parents and for your child to socialise with other kids his age.

However, don't fret if you can't afford these classes. Like I said, music is everywhere. I don't send my children to any of these classes because its expensive and I don't have the time. However, they never lack music education at home.

I have sung to them from a very young age. That is the start of our musical education at home. Later on, when they attend kindy, I would use YouTube to search for whatever new song that they are learning in school and play it for them over and over again. They are always delighted by this. It is wonderful to see cartoons and animations and music for whatever new song it is that they are learning.

My daughter just started piano lessons last year at age 6. She didn't attend any music classes for toddlers before that but I don't think she has missed out in any way. Some of her teachers and examiners said that she is a very musical child.

She has music books that comes with audio CDs in them. We really enjoy listening to those audio CDs. Recently we deviced a new game using the music from the CDs. The music pieces are usually short and has a lot of variety. So we would put it on, then we would dance along with whatever music. If the music is bold and loud, then we would stomp around like elephants. If its a march piece, we would march around the house. If the music piece is light and fun, we may skip around and flutter about. Then when the music ends, we would stop midway and try not to giggle. I love to see the kids interpret the music with the different types of dances that they come up with.

Another game that we like is the clapping game. We would clap along with the beat of the music we are listening to.

Now that is what I call cheap and fun music appreciation that you can do for free in the comfort of your own home.


  1. Hi MG, absolutely I agree with you. Just give them as many as good music for listening since very young age. Kids would absorb everything quickly. My boy joined a piano when he was on 4th grade, so far since he's musical (according o his teacher), I can't see the difference with someone who started younger than him. He even play once at Esplanade 2 years ago. Just trust your kid and your heart... You're the mom!

  2. TRUE. There are alot of things we can do on our own at home. Though I understand why some other parents do send their kids there. Some don't have a musical note in them at all!!! :)

    And some send them there just to mingle with other kids....

    But if you can, why not the cheaper alternative ya. And it is much more rewarding for mummy and kiddo!

  3. henny,
    Were you more excited than him when he played at the Esplanade? ;)

    I'm cheapskate and I can't find the time! Haha.

  4. agree with you!! Music is everywhere and children learn fast too. So they can catch up very fast on music. My 3 years old gal is pretty musical (i think), she loves to sing, listen to music at young ages so she knows how to sing most of the children's songs. We even bought her a new keyboard, seeing she interested in playing instrument.

    Now in pre-school, she learns even more and have fun with other children too.

    Thanks for the tips

  5. the boy is tone-deaf.. he sings out of tune but he still likes listening to music. the girls love music, especially soundtracks from movies (Hannah Montana, Highschool musical). So they like music the way I like music. Don't think we have special talent in instrumental music, though the elder girl is already taking piano classes.

  6. Rose,
    Yah, my kids love the singing in preschool too.

    I have a feeling they'll end up more musically talented in musical instruments than you! Hehe.


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