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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Love Notes

Remember his two girlfriends? Well, I had been too lazy to post up pictures of the little love notes but I thought I better get round to doing it for keepsakes. Haha. So that I can show it to him next time for a good laugh.

Here they are:

Here comes the love note all rolled up like a love letter cookie.

Taddaaaa! This is the surprised rolled up note which was tied up with a rubber band.

Here's another one featuring a boy and a girl enclosed in a heart.

There are more like these but I've lost them. Most of them come with lots of hearts and flowers with the couple holding hands or flowers. There was even one dressed in a wedding gown!

Aahhh little ones these days. I find it all very amusing but when he came back one day and said the girl mentioned the word "kissing", alarm bells rang and I had to quickly remind him "Cannot simply go around kissing people one ok? Kisses are meant for daddy and mummy only."

Apart from that, I think its sweet that they are such good best friends.

This morning he wanted to give a return note. He drew a similar picture and tied it up with a rubber band. However, when we reached the school gates, he chickened out and gave me the letter. "I think I don't want to give lah, mummy."

Welcome to the new century where even little girls are bolder than the boys. ;)


  1. The love notes so sweeeeet. :D

  2. hehehehhehe...so sweet :) reminds me of my childhood. I used to have a lil crush on a boy when i was 6. hahahahahahah. now the boy (man) is my hubby's good friend...hahahahhahaa

  3. Elaine,
    I never drew any or got any like these in my life. Hahaha.

    Drawn by a girl thats why. :)

    mommy to chumsy,
    Wuah. You still remember your crush when you were 6 ar.... Hahaha.

  4. oh my my.... read that note, made me feel like a really 'old fashioned' mom :) I haven't found like that with my kids, or did they hide? hahaha....should check then...

  5. henny,
    Check the bag, and if still can't find, check the pencil case or the uniform pocket. Hahahahahaha.

  6. OMIGOSH....actually I am on the border of scary and sweet!!!

    Kissing at ....what age?? Then what will happen with sex?

  7. Ann,
    Haha, No need to be scared. I don't think they understand the meaning or implications at this age. They're just the best of friends which happens to be from the opposite sex that is all.

  8. Wow! This remind me about my gal - there is this little boy who likes to play with my gal. He always look for her and wants to play with her. At one time, he even beat my hubby because my gal was playing with my hubby and not with him! Even the mom of this boy was saying - is she his gf? Why he's always look for her? :D


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