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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Setting up Craft Time for Children - Homemade Card

Now that the kids are older (aged 5 & 7), I find that its really easy to set up Craft Time for them. We keep a hoard of craft supplies in our "Craft Cupboard" at home. We have coloured paper, ribbons, pens, glues, paints etc, some of which are recycled items. Old Cards, Hampers etc are good for recycling craft items.

During the previous school holidays, I folded two hard white cardboard paper as a base to make a card, then I cut up some shapes using some coloured paper (You can ask your child to cut up the shapes themselves if they are old enough). I put them into two separate plastic folders (for each of the kids) and told them to design a Father's Day Card with the following instructions:

  1. Your card must have the words "Happy Father's Day" on it.
  2. Draw a picture of Daddy and You.
  3. Use the coloured shapes to paste and decorate your card.

Then I provided them with coloured pens, glitter pens, pencils and glue. Its really easy to set up this craft time. You don't have to send your child to expensive art classes or lessons for them to exercise some creativity.

This was our craft supplies for our Father's Day Card making project

This is the front of my girl's card.

This is the inside of her card. She has drawn our family portrait. :)

This is the front of another card she designed for me for my birthday.


  1. this is what i called a creative mother moulding creative children, we need more like you.

    i guess children are rather square now, dont you think so,you know my youngest son Marvell is now so hooked on origami, pestered me to buy a book about origami RM120,, where can like that, so i told him to google "origami" learn for free, and now he is happily doing it from google and me happily save my RM120

    take care now my friend

  2. Hi Eugene,
    Eh, where you find that Origami book? So expensive wan.. I get mine for RM4.90 and they come with origami paper too. :) But nevermind, now yours is free. The internet is a wonderful resource.

  3. rajin sekali....Congrat for being a great mom!

  4. henny,
    It only takes a minute to set up so not rajin at all. :)

  5. WOW....nice card. I am impressed that the whole card was coloured yellow as well! Very meticulous....how long did it take?:)

    (just teasing...)


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